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Ready to Brag About Your New Transparent REDMAGIC Gaming Smartphone?

What’s the first thing you see when you look at a smartphone these days? The color and the design are the first things you notice, and in 2021, transparency is king. Why is it king you may be wondering? Because it looks awesome! But it also gives a literal window into the inner workings of the phone, a chance to see the power and speed of the phone. It is also quite a feat of engineering that deserves to be shown off. So, what does it take to make an awesome transparent gaming smartphone? Let’s take a look and find out.

In the case of the REDMAGIC 6S Pro, we wanted to not only give you a super-fast and powerful gaming smartphone, but as the masterminds behind the design put it, “We wanted to create technology that users can see.” And that’s exactly what we did with the transparent back showing off the powerful tech inside and super-fast built-in turbofan.
Having an awesome gaming phone is great, but we also wanted to help you show off that your gaming smartphone is a step above all the others around with that powerful Snapdragon 888+ and built-in turbofan, and that’s exactly what we did. Then we took it even further by putting in RGB lights around the built-in turbofan to really make it stand out.


One of the reasons the transparent design stands out so much is because we don’t see it that often. It is a fairly difficult design to make, especially if you’re an overachiever like our design team. Instead of using simple plastics, they used the same high-end materials we use any phone and worked out how to make them transparent instead, not an easy feat!
Making something transparent is only a part of the difficulty of the design to consider. You have to consider how the changed material will affect the antennas and how to place them so they still perform at their best, What extra design elements we can make use of to really make use of that transparent window, and so much more. With the REDMAGIC 6S Pro, we really enjoyed tackling the challenge head-on and it opened up some opportunities for cool new design elements, such as the gold inlaid labels that are visible through the transparent cover. There are also the flashy RGB lights we put on the built-in turbofan. It just felt boring to have a window to see the fan and not do more with it, so we put some lights in it and it was an instant hit.

What about the design for Cyborg you may be wondering? While the design of Cyborg is similar to Ghost minus the transparency, the color is actually a happy surprise for all of us. Our designers were working with new black ink and by chance when the ink dried it developed an unexpected lighter shade of black. Much like in art or science, it is the unexpected outcomes that often have the greatest impact. Once we saw this new, unique shade of black we instantly fell in love with it and knew it would be a hit among our fans.

Are you a fan of the transparent design of the REDMAGIC 6S Pro or the newly discovered black color used in the Cyborg version? Then you can go and order your own REDMAGIC 6S Pro today and have one of these for yourself to show off to your friends while you dominate every mobile game you play.