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REDMAGIC Back to School 2023 Winner Announcement

REDMAGIC Back to School 2023 Winner Announcement

REDMAGIC Back To School 2023 Winner Announcement

We know that going back to school can be a pretty big deal for everyone. It’s a season that fills students with rejuvenated hope and excitement for new pursuits, and it brings back a sense of nostalgia for those who’ve already crossed the threshold and made it to the other side. We understand the magic this season brings, and that’s why from August 22nd to September 5th, we hosted the REDMAGIC Back to School 2023 event where we rolled out the virtual RED carpet for all former and current students in honor of the new academic year.


A Recap of Our Special Event


During the REDMAGIC Back to School 2023 event, we aimed to bring smiles to all students, graduates, and REDMAGIC supporters alike. All REDMAGIC patrons with an existing student account were allowed to buy anything in the REDMAGIC store at a generous 5% discount. Graduates were not left out either, we allowed them to celebrate their academic accomplishments with a 3% discount for their tech indulgences in the REDMAGIC store.


We believe that back-to-school shopping should be fun for everyone, so we also gave all registered REDMAGI members who purchased during this period a chance to win the remarkable prize of a 100% cash refund, because why should back-to-school only be about the students?


The REDMAGIC 100% Cashback Winner

REDMAGIC Back To School 2023 Winner Announcement

Our Back to School 2023 event has drawn to a close, and it was admittedly an exciting two weeks of preparation and tying any remaining loose ends. We’ve gathered you all here to announce the lucky winner of the 100% cash refund. Drum roll, please! We are thrilled to announce who hails from the Netherlands as the winner of the REDMAGIC Back to School 2023 event. They will be receiving everything they purchased plus some extra cashback in their pocket. 


As we reflect on the event, the team at REDMAGIC is overwhelmed by the response and participation from students, graduates, and customers all around the globe. The enthusiasm and positivity surrounding this event were heartwarming and we’re grateful to have you in our corner.


Stay Tuned for More


Thank you for making us a part of your journey and for being a part of ours, we look forward to more opportunities to celebrate with you in the future. If you didn’t qualify for the student and graduate discounts, or you weren’t as lucky as Jessica this time around, stay tuned to all REDMAGIC platforms for updates on our next giveaway. Sign up for notifications so you can be among the first to know when we launch our next campaign. We look forward to having you.