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New Love for REDMAGIC 7 Pro [#phonebreakup giveaway winners]

Dear Heartbreakers,

Thanks to everyone who took part in our #phonebreakup giveaway. We know it wasn’t easy to break up with your current smartphone, as some of you I’m sure have really grown attached to your pocket companions in the past few years.

We read through all of your tear-jerking letters and it was hard chose the top 3, but choose we did and here they are.



1) Free REDMAGIC 7 Pro Supernova: @LeRoux__Claudie

2) 50% off REDMAGIC 7 Pro Obsidian: @massCODM/@Yoaihimes

3) $50 off REDMAGIC 7 Pro Supernova: @VardBryan /@murY_Seph