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Gamer’s Choice: Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile was released on May 17th, just two days ago, and it is already all we hear lately. Apex Legends Mobile this, Apex Legends Mobile that, and we're right there with everyone neck deep into this awesome game. The game is an amazing port from PC and console to mobile. It plays super well and naturally, looks amazing, and most importantly is hella fun. The only downside is that it came out on a TUESDAY of all times. This weekend can’t come fast enough, this is maybe the best mobile game we’ve played yet.

REDAMGIC x Apex Legend Mobile

Playing Apex Legends Mobile On REDMAGIC

As with every game we play, one of the first things we did was throw the graphics settings all the way to max, cause why not? So, we did with Apex Legends Mobile and oh shit is it beautiful. The game runs like a charm and those next gen graphics on mobile are jaw dropping. It also still keeps the unique gunplay feel that Apex Legends is well known for on PC and console. If you have played it before then you know what I mean, it’s there on mobile too. 


As with every other shooter on REDMAGIC the usual trigger placements work great, left trigger for aiming down sights and right trigger for shooting, preferably dummy fire so you can fire from the hip too. While playing the game we’ve found additional button layouts that made it more comfortable to play. For example, one guy on our team found it more comfortable to move the jump and sliding buttons up and side by side on the right hand side. He said they were easier to tap there with his thumb. He also tried to clean up the clutter on his screen as best as he can so they didn’t interfere with his moving and aiming controls.

Game on REDMAGIC 7 Pro

Does 960Hz Help?

Yes, yes it does. It makes the controls not only faster and snappier, but more accurately as well. The benefits of having faster, more accurate controls should be self explanatory, but how does it do that? By literally being faster. By being faster it allows it to more accurately read your finger presses and prevent mistaps or mistake one command for another. So in the end, the mission to keep building the fastest touch sampling screen is not a crazy idea. Instead of just being the person that shoots first in a game, it also leads to overall, better controls, and better controls means a better gaming experience.

Game on REDMAGIC 7 Pro

Playing On The REDMAGIC 7 Pro Fullscreen

You may wonder if playing on fullscreen is all it’s cracked up to be. Well, as we are finding here in the office as we try out Apex Legends Mobile on the REDMAGIC 7 Pro, once you go fullscreen, you don’t go back. Joking aside, it is awesome. There is a kind of freeness when playing on fullscreen with no bezels and a super thin frame around it so all you see awesome, high-def action.


So What Are You Playing Apex On This Weekend?

If not it’s not a REDMAGIC 7 or REDMAGIC 7 Pro, it should be! Here, we’ll help out, here’s a link to where you can buy your very own. We hope to see you in game this weekend, and the week after that, and probably just everyday, this is going to be our new favorite game for sure after all.