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What’s Stopping You From Winning?

Losing your games because of lag? Thinking it could be bad because of a bad internet connection? What if I told you then it might actually be your phone slowing itself down because it is too hot to play the game? It’s quite the problem then but the REDMAGIC 6 and 6 Pro have the solution to prevent it so you can game it up for hours no problem. I’ll tell you how we do it, but first, let me tell you how beating the heat improves your gaming experience besides keeping you from burning your fingers on a hot smartphone.

Besides the discomfort of holding a hot phone, the phone itself runs the risk of damaging itself when it gets hot. To prevent that damage, the phone slows itself down to control the heat. For you the gamer, this leads to drops in performance in the game and can feel like lagging all of a sudden. Why does this happen? To run all that awesomely powerful tech that is crammed into a phone, it requires a lot of power, and where there is power, there is heat. The more demanding the game, the even more power it needs for that maxed-out performance and all of that power leads to more heat. So if you can eliminate the heat with a super powerful cooling system then you will have a lag-free gaming experience for hours on end.

Without the fan, the Snapdragon 888's CPU had to default to about 85% of  its performance whereas the fan allowed the CPU to keep about 94% of  its maximum performance.” - GSMArena

Since heat can easily lead to the phone dropping performance, we constantly focus on ways to beat the heat when we design a phone and we’ve outdone ourselves with the REDMAGIC 6 and 6 Pro. With the ICE 6.0 Cooling System, we have taken smartphone cooling beyond flagship standards, to REDMAGIC standards. We’ve upgraded the L-shaped liquid cooling pipe from the previous generation to a new vapor chamber design and also upgraded the turbofan system to be better and colder than ever before. With the vapor chamber, turbofan, and aviation-grade system, we’ve thrown in 5 other layers of heat transfer including aviation-grade aluminum metals as well as the more traditional heat transfer copper elements for a total of 7 layers of cooling in this latest cooling design from REDMAGIC. The games may be getting better and pushing performance levels more, but so are we, every step of the way.



Nubia have thrown every cooling technique in the book at the REDMAGIC 6 Pro” - The Sixth Axis

Are you ready to start enjoying your multi hour-long gaming marathons now with an awesome REDMAGIC 6 or 6 Pro? If you aren’t then it’s high time you got one for yourself so you don’t have to worry about your phone overheating while you’re gaming it up.