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Turn Your REDMAGIC 8 Pro Purchase into a Bundle

Turn Your REDMAGIC 8 Pro Purchase into a Bundle

REDMAGIC 8 Pro Gaming Bundles

You’re about to make one of the coolest purchases of the year when you upgrade to the REDMAGIC 8 Pro Matte, Void, or Titanium gaming smartphone. According to the review on Make Use Of, it delivers an “impressive gaming performance wrapped in a unique, new design aesthetic”, and it captures the essence of everything sci-fi for a futuristic gaming experience that you can see and feel.  


The last thing you need on a device like this is accessories that don’t complement its overall design, or just go against it completely. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. REDMAGIC has a special range of accessories designed specifically for the REDMAGIC 8 Pro, and you can get them for less when you buy the gaming smartphone as part of a bundle


There’s the incredible and versatile REDMAGIC Shadow Blade Gamepad that’s compatible with all Type-C smartphones, the REDMAGIC 8 Pro Protective Case that safeguards your device while permitting full use of the shoulder triggers, and last but, not least, a screen protector that’s designed to fit on the REDMAGIC 8 Pro like a glove.


REDMAGIC 8 Pro Gamepad Bundle

REDMAGIC 8 Pro with Gamepad Bundles

The gaming performance of the REDMAGIC 8 Pro has been tested by some of the best players in the COD Mobile world, and the results are phenomenal. Just imagine how much better it’ll perform with a dedicated gamepad that looks just as cool as the device. The REDMAGIC Shadow Blade Gamepad does not disappoint, whether we’re talking about the way it lets you customize and execute moves, the way it delivers the most satisfying mechanical clicks or just the way it looks. 


It has a transparent design that fits perfectly with the futuristic aesthetic of the whole REDMAGIC 8 Pro range, and it adjusts to accommodate a wide range of compatible devices in case someone else wants to experience the same mobile gaming advantage as you. The gamepad automatically configures the keys to default settings when it’s connected to a device, but it also lets you customize each one of the 21 keys to perform your desired action. It’s a console that lets you truly Up Your Game.


REDMAGIC 8 Pro Protective Case Bundle

REDMAGIC 8 Pro with Protective Case Bundles

As a gamer, your REDMAGIC 8 Pro will probably always be safe in your hands. But when you’re not gaming, it’s assuring to know that your tech is still pretty safe. With the REDMAGIC 8 Pro Protective Case Bundle, you’ll get the most powerful gaming smartphone and its suit of armor all in one sweet deal. It can be considered a suit of armor because the unique design of the protective case lets you get the most out of your device without the need to remove it, almost as if you’ve given your REDMAGIC figurine a battle outfit. 


It has an inlaid stainless steel ring that allows the device to remain as cool as ever, plus it’s designed to permit air to flow through the vents for maximum ventilation. The case’s texture delivers a supportive grip of the REDMAGIC 8 Pro, providing ample comfort while you game. 


REDMAGIC 8 Pro Screen Protector Bundle

REDMAGIC 8 Pro with Screen Protector Bundles

The REDMAGIC 8 Pro has the most unique screen of any gaming smartphone ever. Sure, the REDMAGIC 7S Pro is also a true-full screen gaming smartphone that uses UDC technology, but it doesn’t reach 1300 nits of brightness, and it doesn’t have a cooling layer of graphene under the screen to keep your fingertips cool while you game. This screen is special. 


The REDMAGIC 8 Pro Screen Protector is made to cover every little bit of the 6.8 inches while enhancing the high-definition display of the screen. It’s also perfect for daytime gaming, effectively providing anti-glare properties to make the screen as bright and as colorful as ever in various lighting conditions.


So, What Will It Be?


Regardless of which bundle you go for, it’s definitely in your best interest to add all these accessories to your cart for maximum gaming pleasure and device protection. Check out this blog for a detailed breakdown of our latest accessories, including the REDMAGIC Magic Sound Earphones, and place your order now.