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How Cool Is the All-New REDMAGIC 7S Pro Cooling System?

How Cool Is the All-New REDMAGIC 7S Pro Cooling System?

REDMAGIC 7S Pro - ICE 10.0 Cooling System

REDMAGIC held the title of the world’s first actively cooled smartphone when the REDMAGIC 3 was first released, with liquid-cooling technology and an internal turbo fan. Back then, advanced cooling systems were only seen in high-end gaming PCs. Now, after REDMAGICS’s release of the REDMAGIC 7 Pro earlier this year, the all-new REDMAGIC 7S PRO has arrived with a new cooling upgrade. The latest model carries a powerful ICE 10.0 Multi-dimensional Cooling System, making heat dissipation more fluid than ever, and powering gamers for longer. With features such as the highest CPU max clock runtimes, and the lowest CPU core temperatures ever seen on any gaming smartphone, REDMAGIC’s latest offering is the best of the constantly evolving range of handheld gaming devices it designs.

REDMAGIC 7S Pro - Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1

PC gamers more than any other users of PC systems have long known the benefits and importance of a powerful cooling system. Gaming is a demanding workload, making it easy for devices to overheat, and slowing down performance. Smartphone devices tailored for gamers face the same issue due to their smaller systems built for handheld use. This is why REDMAGIC introduced cooling systems to accommodate its powerful systems. The REDMAGIC 7S Pro powered by the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor with 10% CPU performance and 10% GPU performance increases, requires cooling systems that will match the high-performing gaming system processor.


The All-New ICE 10.0 Cooling System

The new ICE 10.0 Multi-dimensional Cooling System on the device is an upgrade from the previous model, the REDMAGIC 7 Pro, which has a still-powerful 9.0 Cooling System. The latest model has a tenth layer to increase the air-cooled heat dissipation capabilities on the REDMAGIC 7S Pro, improving and extending the experience for gamers using the device. Compared to the 7 Pro, the 7S Pro has a temperature drop of 3 degrees Celsius, providing a higher level of magic cooling.

The ten layers on the REDMAGIC 7S Pro include:

    · Shark fin high-speed centrifugal fan (new shark fin vortex duct)

    · Graphene Phase Change Composites (New)

    · Slug alloy canyon air duct (adjustment of air inlet position)

    · Ultra-flexible and high thermal conductivity rare earth

    · Superconducting copper foil

    · High thermal conductivity gel

    · Super large VC liquid cooling heat sink

    · Super large area composite graphene

    · Aviation aluminum middle frame

   · Deuterium Front Metal Heat Sink

Together, these layers work to improve the overall performance of the device.


REDMAGIC 7S Pro - Turbo Fan

The built-in turbo cooling is enhanced by the 20,000 RPM built-in turbo fan, which in this model has been upgraded with four energy-saving coils, a noise-dampening metal cover and the shark fin vortex cut. This means that the high-speed fan has an increased air intake volume of 6%, as well as a 6% increase in wind pressure. The noise produced by the fan has decreased by 3 dB, reducing any interruptive sounds made by the fan. 

REDMAGIC 7S Pro - VC Liquid Cooling Plate

The fluid simulation technology used means there is no backflow, allowing for an air duct flow increase of 5%. And last but not least, the use of graphene materials for the phase change composites and n-hexane, have resulted in a heat dissipation coefficient increase of 35%, and a 2 degrees Celsius drop in the back cover of the fuselage. The large 4123mm² VC liquid cooling plate has increased by 300%, along with the aviation-grade aluminum middle frame that acts as the REDMAGIC 7S Pro’s armor, ensuring faster and smoother heat dissipation that does not damage the system.

REDMAGIC 7S Pro - Air Channel

The cooling system contained by the REDMAGIC 7S Pro is the most sophisticated and effective cooling system on any handheld gaming device. With this device, gamers can crank up their settings without worrying about performance being impacted. The sufficient cooling system allows gamers to play for extended periods of time without needing to adjust their operating frequencies or other settings in order to balance the issue of overheating.


Alongside the cooling system, other astounding features that this device sports are the 5000mAh dual battery, as well as the Red Core 1 Gaming Chip assisted by the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor. There is an improved frame rate stability of 60% making for a powerful and smooth display. 

There is no way in which the REDMAGIC 7S Pro does not make for an overall elevated gaming experience, and with the cooling system this device carries, gamers can maximize on even the most demanding games without overheating being an issue.