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Getting to Know Mora, REDMAGIC’s AI Virtual Companion

Getting to Know Mora, REDMAGIC’s AI Virtual Companion


Having a smart assistant on your phone, such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa isn’t a foreign idea to most smartphone users. Technology today even allows us to use the assistant in different parts of our home, if you’re connected to all the right appliances of course. But did you know that beyond these familiar faces, Chinese tech companies are also leading the charge with their own virtual assistants? 

For instance, Xiaomi boasts XiaoAI, an intuitive assistant woven into its ecosystem, while Baidu offers DuerOS, powering a range of smart devices with its robust AI capabilities. Alibaba’s Tmall Genie and’s DingDang further exemplify this trend, integrating AI seamlessly into the user’s tech experiences. REDMAGIC’s AI Assistant Mora is our version of this personalized feature, and it’s yet another way to express all the subtle details that make you an individual through your phone.

Affectionately known as the AI WAIFU by REDMAGIC fans globally, Mora is the official REDMAGIC mascot that’s been part of the family for the last few generations. While her main priority is to keep gamers entertained, the AI assistant possesses qualities that make using your REDMAGIC 9 Pro feel a tad more futuristic than any of the other mobile gaming options available. It allows you to enjoy optimized animations, interactive effects, and a handful more practical features. Let’s explore how Mora makes your REDMAGIC experience more enjoyable.

Her Welcoming Appearance 

There’s no denying that Mora’s appearance raises a few eyebrows upon first glance, and a bunch of our older REDMAGIC fans have expressed that WAIFU has the potential to start trouble with the Wifey. But truly, it’s all fun and games, and her appearance transcends the ages to find a cute balance that caters to most lovers of anime and the game space.  

Mora appears as a tiny icon in the corner of the screen when you open the REDMAGIC Game Space, and you simply need to tap that icon to activate and interact with her. The mascot comes with three different outfits, and she serves as the narrator and your guide through the Game Space whether you’re playing directly on mobile or connected to the PC.



Mora Interactive Features

Outside of the game space, you can incorporate Mora into quite a bit of your daily activities. In addition to announcing your phone’s low signal and other useful notifications, there are a few more interactive features to explore.



Home Screen 


Activating the interactive Mora home screen is like having a built in game to fidget with when you’re taking a break from your more competitive games. She can hook you up with something entertaining with just a simple tap, essentially giving life to the idea of having a tiny companion in your pocket at all times.

The Charging Feature 

The REDMAGIC AI mascot emphasizes the idea of your device existing purely for gameplay. Just like a pocket pet, Mora (and your REDMAGIC 9 Pro) need replenishment. Activating the Energy Replenishment mode brings Mora to the forefront when you charge the device for a more interactive charging experience.

Mora Alarm

Edging more into the realm of virtual assistants, the improved Mora on the REDMAGIC 9 Pro can be used to deliver reminders, offering a more friendly approach to the traditional alarm sounds we’ve grown accustomed to. 

Mora Wallpapers 



The REDMAGIC WAIFU has the magic to expand and bring the community closer together, and this is evident in the wide variety of Mora Wallpapers created by artists from all over the world. This provides an extra level of customization, allowing your AI assistant to be slightly more unique than the next. 

Entertainment That Transcends the Game Space

Mora showcases the fusion of technology and personalization in the mobile gaming sphere. Beyond her role in the Game Space, the REDMAGIC AI Assistant and mascot seamlessly integrates into daily activities, adding a touch of interactivity and entertainment to mundane tasks. Mora is a companion, a guide, and REDMAGIC’s cute interpretation of what a gaming virtual assistant should be.