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Introducing the REDMAGIC Beta Testing Program

Introducing the REDMAGIC Beta Testing Program

REDMAGIC Beta Testing

We love what we do and we appreciate and value all the support we get from our REDMAGIC patrons, which is why we are always steadfast on delivering the ultimate REDMAGIC experience for our users. However, even the most die-hard REDMAGIC fans can point out our flaws in a heartbeat. Today, we’re calling on all the hardcore supporters in the U.S, Mexico, and Asia to help us kickstart our first open beta program - starting with the REDMAGIC 8 Pro (testing in late Jan) and 8S Pro users (testing in mid-Mar).


We’re currently in the first stages of implementing a Beta Testing Program for the REDMAGIC software which will help us to fix bugs, add or remove features as necessary, and optimize the software before it makes its way to the public. We need the assistance of volunteers who want to help us perfect our product and lead mobile gaming to new heights. 


How Does the Program Work?


REDMAGIC will release a feature test program that’ll only be available to a select few volunteers who will test it for about two weeks. During this period, testers will need to report every single bug or glitch they encounter even if it looks like something you’d be able to live with.


After the first round of tests, the Beta Program management team will analyze all the feedback and employ a new batch of volunteers to test the improved version. In the second round of tests, developers will solve problems as they are reported until the software is perfect. Please note, you will be responsible for backing up your own data in case you run into any issues.


How to Join the REDMAGIC Beta Testing Program


If this sounds like something you’d be interested in helping us with, and you’re based in the aforementioned regions, joining the program is very simple. The first step is to fill in the application on Google Forms and wait for a confirmation email once we’ve selected the beta testers. Once you sign up and are selected for the beta testing program, you won’t be able to opt-out, so please only consider joining only if you truly want to become a tester. The official version of this update will be available to all users in 2-3 months. In the meantime, using this version won’t interrupt your daily activities.


To activate the beta testing software, your system needs to be updated to the testing version. Open the Settings menu, find System and Update, and select System Update. When the system has been updated, you can then download the app for testing, which will also allow you to submit feedback about the software directly. You will have to update twice, first from your current software version to NX729J_UNCommon_V3.46, then update and install REDMAGICOS8.0.16_NX729J_GB.


See the picture below to see all the new optimizations and features you will receive in the beta update. Make sure to test all features thoroughly.



Please note that updating your system to the testing version could result in data loss, and we highly recommend you backup your data before updating. Additionally, kindly ensure that you conduct testing for the entire assigned week for the program.


Let’s Make REDMAGIC Beta


To everyone who always gives their honest feedback and opinion of our devices, good or bad, you are the reason we can continue to grow and improve our offering. The REDMAGIC Beta Testing Program is our chance to make REDMAGIC better. Thank you to REDMAGIC patrons in all regions for engaging with us.

REDMAGIC Beta Testing