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Celebrating Success: REDMAGIC 9 Pro Early Bird Referral Winners Revealed!


Greetings, REDMAGIC Gaming Community! The moment we've all been eagerly awaiting has arrived – it's time to announce the winners of our REDMAGIC 9 Pro Early Bird Referral Event. Your enthusiasm and participation have been truly remarkable, and we're thrilled to share the exciting results with you.


In case you missed it, our Early Bird Referral Event was all about seizing the opportunity to not only snag the cutting-edge REDMAGIC 9 Pro but also to share the excitement with friends. For every successful referral, participants earned valuable points, with the chance to secure fantastic discounts based on their rankings.


Now, let's unveil the outstanding achievers who claimed the top spots in our referral leaderboard:


1st Place: FREE REDMAGIC 9 Pro


Congratulations! You've earned a FREE REDMAGIC 9 Pro – the ultimate gaming powerhouse!


2nd Place: $400 OFF REDMAGIC 9 Pro


Enjoy a spectacular $400 discount on your REDMAGIC 9 Pro purchase – kudos to you!


3rd Place: $200 OFF REDMAGIC 9 Pro


A fantastic $200 discount is coming your way – well done on securing the third spot!


4-11th Place: $50 OFF REDMAGIC 9 Pro









A heartfelt applause for our 4th to 11th place winners, each receiving a commendable $50 discount on their REDMAGIC 9 Pro.


To ensure fairness and transparency, we employed strict criteria in evaluating the validity of referrals. We'll get in touch with you real soon and hook you up with your prize!


Got any questions about the event? Just shoot us a message!


A massive thank you to each participant who contributed to the success of the REDMAGIC 9 Pro Early Bird Referral Event. Your passion for gaming and support for our brand does not go unnoticed. Get ready for more extraordinary adventures with REDMAGIC – where the gaming experience knows no bounds!


To those who didn't clinch a prize this time or may have missed out, fear not! Stay tuned for more thrilling events, exciting giveaways, and unbeatable offers. Your journey with REDMAGIC is just beginning, and there are countless opportunities ahead to score big.


Stay connected, stay gaming, and stay tuned for the next level of excitement coming your way.