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What’s New In COD: Mobile Season 5?

What’s New In COD: Mobile Season 5?

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COD: Mobile’s new Season 5 is almost upon us, and it is shaping up to be a massive update to the game. We got new guns and new operator skins coming in with their new battle pass but most excitingly, new game modes and a new map. The Devs over at COD: Mobile dropped an in-depth breakdown of everything that’s coming but here are the highlights and most exciting items we saw.


New Map For Multiplayer

Play COD: Mobile New Season on the REDMAGIC 8 Pro

We’ve always been big fans of COD: Mobile’s multiplayer games so we’re always excited for more maps to play on. For older COD franchise fans, you may recognize the new map, Amarada Strike, from the Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War game. If you didn’t play Black Ops Cold War, no worries, you’re going to love this map. Situated on a massive oil tanker, you be fighting in a complex, 3D environment throughout the ship with above and below decks playing a key part in your strategies. Just like almost every map for COD, it will have a little bit of something for every playstyle. Small, tight areas for chaotic close-in gunfights and long open areas for deadly snipers to rain death on their targets. Controlling the central control room will likely prove to be a key component to any team’s strategy for success, but the map also allows for players to jump into the water to swim around and flank their opponents from unexpected angles. 


New Game Modes


With Season 5, there are two new game modes coming out. There is a kind of base-building mini-game and a new multiplayer mode called “Search & Rescue”. From the looks of it, Search & Rescue is easily the most exciting of the two and is promising to be a fast-paced, tactical game mode ideal for coordinated team play. It may even see some time as an E-sport. But what is it? 


Search & Rescue

Play COD: Mobile New Season on the REDMAGIC 8 Pro

This new game mode looks like it is going to borrow elements from other popular game modes like Kill Confirmed and Search and Destroy. The two teams are fighting to either defend or attack a bomb site with elimination rules in play. If this sounds a lot like CS:GO, you’re not wrong, it what’s we thought too. 


The twist the Devs at COD: Mobile have added is through Kill Comfirmed’s dog tag system. When you are killed, you drop your dog tags. If a friendly player manages to get to them, then you can respawn back into the match. This only happens if it is your first death though. Now if an opponent finds your dog tags first, you’re out for the round. It’s a neat twist on the classic CS:GO rule set and we’re looking forward to giving it a try.


Desolate Endurance

Play COD: Mobile New Season on the REDMAGIC 8 Pro

This is the base-building game that we mentioned before. There isn’t a lot of information about it yet, but it looks like you acquire points and materials to progress this base-building mechanic. The base-building in return will help players earn additional rewards during this season. 


This base-building mechanic appears to be this season’s themed event so it is unknown if it will be a permanent fixture to the game or not after this season.


Changes To Tournament Mode

Play COD: Mobile New Season on the REDMAGIC 8 Pro

With Season 5, they are updating the Tournament Mode with some changes that everyone should enjoy. They’re improving crate contents and players can spend their 1CP coupons for their first pull on the Mythic Card Crates. They are also adding melee camoes this tournament season. One catch though, you only start progressing on unlocking these melee camoes after you have unlocked enough primary weapon tournament cameos. They don’t say how many you need but we’re guessing it’s going to be most of them.


For Season 5 there will be weekly rotating tournaments for both Multiplayer and Battle Royale modes. So lots of opportunities to participate in them this season.


New Toy For Battle Royale


The Devs are adding the Trophy System to Battle Royale, an automated self-defense system to fight off explosives like grenades. It looks like players can expect to find this powerful system lying around out in the map, so keep a sharp eye out for it.


New Gun And Scorestreak Reward

Play COD: Mobile New Season on the REDMAGIC 8 ProOf course, with a new season, there is a plethora of new skins to try out but the highlight this season is the new gun, the FFAR1, and a new scorestreak reward, the Guardian. 


The FFAR1 is looking to be an overpowered assault rifle with the highest fire rate in its class. The only way to get it it seems will be to unlock it at tier 21 in the Battle Pass.


The Guardian is also locked within the Battle Pass but it is at tier 14. The Guardian looks like it is a large piece of equipment that players place on the ground that emits a cone of radiation. Enemy players that run into this cone will experience immediate radiation sickness in the form of their screen getting blurry, moving more slowly, and taking small amounts of constant damage that will likely kill them if they don’t run away in time.


There’s Still A Lot More


These are just the new things coming that caught our eye. We didn’t even really mention all the skins for guns and operators that are coming out, the Battle Pass updates, or even the latest news for COD: Mobile’s ongoing worldwide championship. For the full load down of what’s coming up in the world of COD: Mobile, you’ll have to see their full news article for yourself.