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PUBG: New State Is Just In Time For Black Friday

Have you tried the new PUBG expansion New State? Don’t have a good gaming phone for it? Good thing you have found REDMAGIC then. Even though the new expansion has only just recently come out, we’re already loving it on our REDMAGIC here and it’s high time you joined us! Don’t believe us? Take a look then at some of the cool new things you can expect from PUBG: New State.

The New Features in New State

The game has only been out for a couple of days and a weekend now, but we’ve been playing almost non-stop and loving the new features they’ve put into the game. First and foremost though, those upgraded graphics are truly awesome and we’re very glad to be playing on our REDMAGIC 6S Pro, all that power really lets us enjoy those beautiful new graphics. Besides the new graphics, there are a plethora of new things, like some fancy new armor, new weapon upgrades, and even new toys like drones to play with! But there are two major new things that really change the game and we have enjoyed the most, the new map and the new rides.

The New Map
The new map from New State is called Troi and inside this new wonderland of mayhem are 4 unique points of interest that each introduces its own kind of play styles to stay alive in. such as the Mall and the Laboratory, two locations full of complexities and unique aspects that give players tons of different ways to play and catch the other players out. The zone we love the most is the Trailer Park. This is a maze of small fortified buildings, great for you to be sneaky and play cat and mouse against your opponents. Or what we’d call prey. But if the tables should get flipped on ya, it has one of our favorite things to get out not only quickly, but in style, a super big ramp. 

The New Vehicles

In Troi, there are two new rides to play with and wiz around the map on and they’re awesome! First is a brand new bike and a brand new electric car that looks a lot like a Tesla and has cool cyberpunk-like lights all over it. As if that wasn’t cool enough, both of them even come with a boost feature. The boost feature will eat through your fuel of course but it is totally worth it for the chance to drive around at insane speeds. Have you guessed what the first thing we did with this new bike and car? We launched as far as we could off that awesome ramp in the Trailer Park! If you haven’t tried that yet for yourself, then I highly recommend you give it a try, 10/10 will do again.

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