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The REDMAGIC 6S Pro is the world's first Snapdragon 888+ phone with a physical RGB fan

The Nubia REDMAGIC 6S Pro has been painted as an incremental upgrade over the existing 6 Pro on its launch, thanks in no small part to its new Snapdragon 888+ platform. Its reveal in full today (September 6, 2021) does not totally dispel that impression. Nevertheless, its maker has saved some of the latest developments in its gaming-phone technology for this new late-year refresh.


Of these, the REDMAGIC 6S Pro's new transparent (or "Ghost") variant is a good example as any. This new rear-panel style may not be wholly authentic, yet serves to show this SKU's fan - which is now also set with RGB LEDs - off quite well enough in any case. It also serves to highlight the REDMAGIC 6S Pro's best attributes, the 20,000 rpm speed of this eye-catching component included.


The REDMAGIC 6S Pro's Ghost variant also references the phone's class-leading 165Hz display refresh rate, if not also its 720Hz touch-response rate and 500Hz shoulder buttons. Then again, it should be noted that these impressive specs can't be leveraged by many mobile games: Vainglory, Real Racing 3, and Dead Trigger 2 can be set to use the former, whereas Genshin Impact and Fortnite are among the very few options for the latter.


On that note, the rest of the 6S Pro's specs remain much the same as those of its predecessor. Then again, it has been set up with REDMAGIC's latest generation (7.0) of its ICE thermal management system for its slightly updated processor. This includes its new "Phase Change (read: an icosane that can indeed change states based on temperature) Material", intended to prevent spikes in the phone's internal heat levels.


Finally, the phone does have one completely novel tweak: a heart-rate sensor built into its under-display fingerprint reader. This has nothing to do with health-tracking, and is rated instead for advanced biometric authentication; therefore, it may even start to appear as a selling point through many other OEMs soon.