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Counting The Days Till Christmas

Christmas, one of the best holidays. It’s when we get to spend quality time with our family and friends, enjoy the festive cheer, and most of all, the gifts! To celebrate this year, REDMAGIC is counting the days till Christmas like we did when we were kids and we invite you to join us. Just like back then, each day also comes with its own little gift for you to enjoy.


Every day at 7 am EST, all the way up until Christmas, REDMAGIC is going to reveal a prize for you to enjoy on our calendar. As long as you’re signed in, you will be able to enjoy the prize. Each prize will only be available for 24 hours though, so be sure to check every day and see what exciting prize has been revealed for everyone to enjoy.


For the first 7 days, we will be giving away discounts for awesome REDMAGIC products. On the last 5 days before Christmas, we will be giving away awesome prizes through our social media pages like Facebook



While you’re visiting to see the daily prize, drop us a comment or a Christmas wish in the comment section, we really do enjoy hearing from all of you.