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Playing Dead By Daylight On REDMAGIC 7S Pro

Playing Dead By Daylight On REDMAGIC 7S Pro

Playing Dead by Daylight on REDMAGIC 7S Pro!

Dead By Daylight is a bit of an older mobile game these days, but it’s great and has held up against the test of time just like PUBG has. It’s also the perfect game to play as we get ready for Halloween in a couple of weeks. 


Is this… Our first horror game review?

I think it is, scary horror games aren’t our usual bread and butter either. Dead By Daylight though is pretty good and it’s just the right amount of scare to be entertaining again and again.


What Kind Of Game Is Dead By Daylight?

Since the game has been out for a few years now and has a popular PC player base as well, most of you might know it. But if you have never tried the game or have never been a big horror fan, then you may be in a bit of a surprise. 


It’s actually a team game. The sense that there are two teams, the bad guy team of one player, and the other team of 4 survivors. Gameplay-wise, it reminds me a lot of the game freeze tag, with some extra rules thrown in. Let’s break down a little and explain the rules of the game real quick. Cause once you got the rules, the rest is just playing the game alone or with friends, I recommend it playing with friends, it’s still kinda scary to go it alone after all.


The Badguy, Otherwise Known As The Killer

Just like in the game Freeze Tag, you’re it and it is your job to capture the survivors before they achieve their objective and escape. The Killer is an overpowered badguy that comes with special traits to either be stronger or make the survivors have more difficulty. Depending on the Killer that you choose, you’ll also get special abilities. Each Killer is different not only in looks but also in special abilities and traits. So the more you play, the more you unlock and the more combination of abilities and traits you can try on your favorite killers.


To give you an edge over individual survivors, you are faster and you are shown clues about where the survivors have been and where the precious generators are, I’ll explain those in the survivor part. The kind of clues you see are these red scratch marks on the ground and walls. If you are chasing a hurt survivor you will see pools of blood. If you are close to them an icon will appear in the middle of the screen showing their location in relation to you. 

Playing Dead by Daylight on REDMAGIC 7S Pro!

So what does the Killer do besides being scary and chasing the survivors around? Depending on your Killer’s weapon of choice you will go around hacking, slashing, stabbing, or bashing the survivors. Hit them once to make them limp, and hit them again to make them crawl on the ground. Once they are crawling, you can pick up your victim and take them to one of many horrible-looking hooks on the map and impale them on the hook. Once there the survivor can try to get themselves off the hook, they only have a 4% chance, or a friend helps them. If they are unlucky and no one helps them, then some inter-dimensional spikey spider legs come and gobbles them up! Sacrifice all the survivors to the spider monster thing and you win.

Playing Dead by Daylight on REDMAGIC 7S Pro!

Since there are four survivors though and it only takes one to escape for them to win, you can’t play cheaply and just guard this survivor on the hook. You need to chase the others down still and get them. With your special abilities and knowing where all the generators and hooks are on the map, you need to plan your moves carefully and quickly so you can win the game.


Those Poor Survivors

Playing Dead by Daylight on REDMAGIC 7S Pro!


After hearing how OP badguy is it seems really hard to beat him right? But hey, there are 4 of you, surely you can work as a team and make him run in circles right? Maybe you can even fight back to stall him? Well, all of that is true, except for the last part, you can’t hurt him. But while the badguy is really hard to beat, you can do it, IF you work as a team. Even if he is chasing one or two of you, the other two should be working together on getting everyone to safety. 


Now, to win as a survivor, you need to go around the map and turn on five of the generators that are scattered about. Once five of these generators are turned on, a door will be opened on the edge of the map and you can escape. That’s it, pretty simple and straightforward, if you ignore the crazy Killer that is controlled by the game’s 5th player that is out to get you all.


Since the Killer is given some special abilities and traits, the survivors are also given special abilities and traits to help even the playing field. Each survivor has their own unique traits in addition to some generic ones to give each character some more flavor and to help them out. When you’re in-game, you can also hide in closets if the Killer is near, be warned though, the player in control of the Killer probably knows about these spots and knows to check them. You can also jump over some obstacles and window sills, things that the killer can’t jump over and has to go around. Finally, you can knock down obstacles to slow the Killer down by blocking passages, but the Killer can smash these to pieces fairly quickly, so keep running. 

Playing Dead by Daylight on REDMAGIC 7S Pro!

As a survivor, you also need to be aware of the various skill checks that are in the game. The most common one is the one you encounter when you are repairing a generator, where you will need to occasionally perform a skill check. Fail and the meter for repairing it doesn’t move for a few seconds. Pass the skill check perfectly and you get a little boost. If you just pass it, nothing happens. Other skill checks range from helping friends out to sabotaging the Killer’s equipment and hooks.


Now You Know The Game

The rest of the game itself is pretty simple really, that’s all there is to it but it is surprisingly fun to just keep playing it over and over. As you play the characters more, you’ll get more access to their traits so you can continue to improve your game with your favorite characters.


How's It On The REDMAGIC 7S Pro?

Playing Dead by Daylight on REDMAGIC 7S Pro!


I’m sure you’re all wondering how it was, and it ran like a dream. Smooth and responsive and the special gaming features of the REDMAGIC 7S Pro really helped out a lot. The triggers, as always, came really in handy during our games, making it easier to hit those survivors as they’re running away or to hit the jumps and skill checks as a survivor. Since there are two types of characters to play in the game, we found that using the REDMAGIC 7S Pro’s ability to save multiple shoulder trigger settings really helped out. 


Just like any good horror movie, sound plays a big part in Dead By Daylight and the REDMAGIC 7S Pro’s dual stereo speakers did help out a fair bit. If anything it helped with the immersion and made it scarier. As a survivor, it is important to talk to your team, and in that regard, the phone’s microphone worked like a charm. It picked up my voice easily but didn’t leak any other extra sounds from my side.


Dead By Daylight and PUBG and New State Are Teaming Up!

Dead by Daylight x PUBG x New State


This Halloween, these three games are teaming up to create an awesome Halloween event for their players. If you’re not a fan of all three games, that’s fine because each game will have its own flavor of shenanigans going on as they team up for what is going to be one hell of a Halloween event. This event starts on October 20th and will end on November 23rd. So hop on your favorite game and get into it!


We Had A Fun With This Horror Game And Hope You Do Too

The devs behind the game are also updating the game regularly so there are always new survivors and killers to play every few months it seems and there is a healthy player base as well so there is always a game to be had.