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What Does It Take to Drain the REDMAGIC 9 Pro Battery?

What Does It Take to Drain the REDMAGIC 9 Pro Battery?

Regardless of the game being played, power is everything. The character or avatar you’re playing with is just one part of the game. The screen's responsiveness, overall refresh rate, and sometimes even your internet connection can have a massive impact on how you perform and whether or not you’ll succeed. 

In a guide about choosing the best gaming smartphone, T-Mobile suggests paying attention to things like effortless connectivity, an eye-catching display, and super-fast performance. REDMAGIC developers place special care in ensuring that the basic needs of mobile gamers are met, including major enforcements like a built-in cooling mechanism. 

However, at the heart of every powerful device is the power source or battery. The battery is the energy hub of every smartphone, the center from which all the other features draw power, and it’s the star of today’s blog. 


An Abundance of Power 


The REDMAGIC 9 Pro is our most powerful device to date for more than one reason. It features the fastest built-in turbofan that spins at 22,000 RPM and one of the fastest chipsets currently on the market, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. It also sports the largest energy hub of any REDMAGIC with a 6500 mAh battery. For these reasons, the Android Police have described the REDMAGIC 9 Pro as having more power than you can use. It truly is The Chill That Never Quits. 

Jon Gilbert who reviewed the device for Android Police reports that after capturing and watching plenty of videos, browsing the internet, and enjoying extensive mobile gameplay, the REDMAGIC 9 Pro delivered an impressive two days of battery life. This result is exceptionally close to the 56 hours we got in our tests, which were conducted in a controlled lab environment. Nonetheless, Jon does emphasize that the only way to drain the REDMAGIC 9 Pro’s battery is to push it to the limit.


What Does It Take to Drain the Battery?


(C4ETech Battery Drain Test)

Ash from C4ETech took the liberty of testing out the battery performance of every flagship device of 2023 by running an extensive side-by-side battery drain test. The assessment involving 8 flagship devices was broken up into 8 rounds where Ash tested the battery performance during regular tasks and intense gaming.

After a 30-minute video call and an hour of watching YouTube videos (rounds 1 and 2), the REDMAGIC 9 Pro still had 90% juice. For round 3, Ash simulated a game on the 3DMark Stress Test for 20 minutes, and in round 4 he conducted a doom scrolling test where he surfed the web for 30 minutes straight. The REDMAGIC was still standing strong with 72% battery life at the end of the first four tests. By the time the C4ETech battery drain test concluded, after 8 rounds and 7 hours of intense scrutiny, the REDMAGIC 9 Pro retained 50% of its energy reserves. 


Refuel In a Flash


If you intend on using your phone non-stop for more than seven hours and the battery happens to dip below the 50% mark and heads for dead, Sanuj Bhatia who reviewed the REDMAGIC 9 Pro for Pocketnow attests that the 80W charger takes the phone from zero to 85% in about 35 minutes. 

In a different test involving the same flagship smartphones, C4ETech tested the charging speeds of the devices. It’s worth mentioning that the REDMAGIC 9 Pro has the largest battery of the bunch, sporting more than 1000 mAh of juice than the closest competitor. The battery went from zero to 100% in 45 minutes, a result that Ash says is impressive for such a massive battery. 

(C4ETech Battery Charge Test)


The Sleek Gaming Beast


With all the additional power packed into it, is it surprising to learn that the REDMAGIC 9 Pro is the same size as its predecessor? We managed to pump up the gaming performance while maintaining the sleek aesthetic of a regular daily driver, so you can take on the world by day and be the king (or queen) of the arena after hours. For a starting price of just $649, the REDMAGIC 9 Pro could be your new gaming beast.