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Unveiling the REDMAGIC 9 Pro’s Enhanced 520 Hz Shoulder Triggers

Unveiling the REDMAGIC 9 Pro’s Enhanced 520 Hz Shoulder Triggers



The best smartphones for gaming are undoubtedly the devices that have something unique to offer the gamer such as an ultra-quick screen refresh rate and game-centric RGB lights that give the device a different aesthetic. In the world of gaming smartphones, the REDMAGIC series boasts a handful of unique features that make it stand out as an absolute powerhouse. This includes a highly durable battery, a dedicated cooling mechanism, and shoulder triggers that allow you to use your phone as a portable console. 


The REDMAGIC 9 Pro has taken all of the above-mentioned features from previous generations, enhanced them, and combined them to deliver what we hope will be the most refined mobile gaming experience to date. Today’s blog will be taking a closer look at the REDMAGIC 9 Pro’s 520 Hz shoulder triggers, and how they’ve been improved to deliver a crisp gaming experience. 


From both an aesthetic and functional standpoint, the shoulder triggers redefine the conventional smartphone, seamlessly converting it into a portable gaming console that feels comfortable to use but also serves as a fully functional phone. 


Unlock a New Level of Gaming Control 


Back in 2018 when we introduced the REDMAGIC Mars, the inclusion of highly sensitive 500 Hz shoulder triggers marked a pivotal moment that firmly established our identity as a gaming smartphone brand to be reckoned with. This distinctive feature has continued to be a highlight of the way many mobile gamers engage with their favorite games, and many gamers seeking recommendations for a dedicated gaming smartphone note that shoulder triggers are a must-have feature.


Fast forward to the present and the shoulder triggers in the REDMAGIC 9 Pro have undergone significant enhancements from the original 520 Hz triggers found on the REDMAGIC 7 S Pro and the cutting-edge REDMAGIC 8 Pro. With the latest improvements, we’ve ensured that you can continue to break boundaries and reach new heights in your gaming adventures.


Increased Surface Area


During a highly competitive game like Call of Duty Mobile, a simple misfire of the trigger can be the difference between 8 kills and 18. We’ve increased the surface area of the shoulder triggers by 90% to make hand placement feel more natural so playing with the REDMAGIC 9 Pro is more comfortable. 


The ability to place your entire finger on the trigger and get active feedback lets you pay attention to what’s happening on the screen instead of worrying about the placement of your finger on the trigger.


An Even More Sensitive Touch


We’ve upped the touch sensitivity in the shoulder triggers by 20% to ensure that you don’t need to apply any additional force when using the triggers, making gameplay more seamless than with previous generations. With an increased sensitivity, you can take more accurate shots frequently and edge ahead of the competition.


Our First RGB Light Integrated Triggers


The interactive RGB lights have extended beyond the turbofan and horizontal REDMAGIC logo to find a new home in the powerful 520 Hz shoulder triggers. In addition to adding an extra touch of aesthetic elegance, all the RGB lights in the REDMAGIC 9 Pro are fully customizable, ensuring that no two devices look the same when it’s game time.


To activate the custom RGB lights in the fan and shoulder triggers, open the cooling fan tab under settings and scroll to “start-up light”. From there you can choose the RGB light color combination you desire. For the other RGB lights, scroll to “theme and personalization” in the settings then click on the light strip tab. 


An All-New Shoulder Trigger Experience 


Taking cues from its predecessors, this device not only maintains but elevates its distinctive qualities such as a robust battery, dedicated cooling, and revolutionary shoulder triggers. The new improvements and enhancements to the shoulder triggers solidify the REDMAGIC 9 Pro’s place in the top spot with the fastest triggers on the scene. The REDMAGIC 9 Pro promises an unparalleled and refined mobile gaming adventure, setting a new standard for the industry.