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The Unfiltered Truth: Unbiased REDMAGIC 9 Pro Reviews

The Unfiltered Truth: Unbiased REDMAGIC 9 Pro Reviews

The Unfiltered Truth: Unbiased REDMAGIC 9 Pro Reviews


If you type “REDMAGIC 9 Pro review” into your search tab, you’ll be flooded with results from tech review websites and YouTube channels worldwide. These reviews are from experienced tech heads who have (surely) tried out volumes of gadgets, reviewers who could potentially risk all their credibility if they give out false information. 


Nonetheless, after reading through and watching a handful of reviews, the best way to find out anything about the product is to test it out yourself. The only problem is, you can’t do that without buying the REDMAGIC 9 Pro. So the next best thing is to get feedback from real people who paid their own money for the product, not some scripted bs. 


Everyone who made it their mission to be among the first people to own the REDMAGIC 9 Pro has had enough time to use the device at leisure and full force. Their opinions are less likely to be clouded by the excitement of having a new machine, and there’s a high chance they’ve already figured out what they don’t like about the device (if anything at all). 


A few of these compatriots have taken the time to share their experiences and opinions on Reddit with anyone else who’s planning to join the party. Because let’s face it, reviewers may (or may not) be saying whatever they need to secure the bag, but real reviews are different. And that’s what today’s blog is about.


Before we dive in to discover what users are saying about the REDMAGIC 9 Pro, a massive shout-out to everyone who has posted a review, left a review in the comments section of a review, or asked a question that led someone to leave a review. You guys are the real heroes that made this blog happen. 


What’s Your Experience With the REDMAGIC 9 Pro?


This is the question every gamer hopes to get an honest answer to before making the purchase. We’ve gathered a handful of the most insightful reviews and comments from gamers to help you find helpful answers. 


Premium Design and Feel


“Phone looks great with the fancy lights and fan, bit on the heavy side tho” is how SpikeyWikey86 described the design and feel of the REDMAGIC 9 Pro. Another user, Murky-Information662 went into more detail about the design, but they also highlighted the automatic LED trigger lights that match the game’s color theme as one of their favorite things about the appearance of the REDMAGIC 9 Pro. 


Murky-Information662 is an avid REDMAGIC fan who reports that he owns four generations of REDMAGIC devices including the REDMAGIC 9 Pro. With their years of invaluable experience, this user has confirmed that the shoulder triggers are bigger this time, and that’s something they appreciate.  

(Murky-Information662 on Reddit)


Camera Performs as Expected


The completely flat back panel on the REDMAGIC 9 Pro is a first of its kind, and even though there are no camera bumps, the device’s dual camera system works as well as you’d expect. More than one user highlighted the point that they don’t use the phone for anything other than gaming, but for people who hope to use it as a daily driver, the camera system can be a big deal. 


SSTracy209 is one of the users who took it upon themselves to test the camera on the REDMAGIC 9 Pro and send in the pictures. The caption in the picture stresses that while the front camera is not all that great, the POV (point of view) lens does a decent job of capturing fine details. 

(SSTracy209 on Reddit)


Compatible Games Run Flawlessly


Responding to a question from lokiafrika44, Kemua said that after a week of using the REDMAGIC 9 Pro, they’ve had an amazing experience, and they have “not found a game that did not run flawlessly yet.”. 


Another user who had “an almost flawless experience” is Regecide2334 who went on to explain that after doing some digging, they found that most of the apps and games that crash on the REDMAGIC 9 Pro are a result of compatibility issues with the screen or firmware. This is a problem that Regecide2334 found out existed on other flagship devices too.   


Unstoppable Battery Performance

With the aid of the Accubattery app, REDMAGIC patron SkyeFox6485 tested the battery performance of the REDMAGIC 9 Pro and shared his findings with the whole clan. “I haven't charged it since yesterday morning! And it's still at 20%!”. This user mentions that the battery performed this well with all the bells and whistles running at max (120 HZ, 5G, GPS, and Bluetooth). 


Reliable Cooling System 


One of the biggest pain points for mobile gamers is most certainly the issue of overheating. We’re all aware that unless you have a way to counter the heat, the game will inevitably begin to lag. Murky-Information662 says that from his experience, the REDMAGIC 9 Pro handles heat the same way its predecessor did.


He does note that Fortnite is more demanding than other games and produces more heat, enough heat to cook an egg in his opinion. However, “the phone performs extremely well even with such boiling temperatures! No stutters, no lag at all!” is what he said about the REDMAGIC 9 Pro’s performance under intense pressure. 


What’s the Gamer's Verdict? 


Users in regions like the EU are indeed experiencing the new REDMAGIC 9 Pro differently, and we hope most of the issues will be resolved once the EU’s antitrust laws are fully implemented. 


It’s also undeniable that there are some glitches and bugs that need repairing on our end, and these are things that you can help with by leaving a comment on the REDMAGIC Bug Reports Page on Reddit or joining the REDMAGIC Beta Testing Program. 


Other than that, you’ve got yourselves a top-notch gaming smartphone, corroborated by expert reviewers and fellow REDMAGIC fans and gamers. If you haven’t done so already, please leave a review. It’ll be of great help to us and your fellow mobile gamers. Thanks in advance.