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REDMAGIC 6 has four huge upgrades to battle other gaming phones

REDMAGIC 6 Series is available for pre-ordering now, but compared to its competitor, what are REDMAGIC 6 advantages? Let’s take a look.

REDMAGIC 6 display refresh rate

REDMAGIC 6 includes a refresh rate of 165Hz. Most recently, the Asus ROG Phone 5 topped out at 144Hz as well, so the REDMAGIC 6 is the fastest on the market.

REDMAGIC 6 fast touch response

The REDMAGIC 6 features a lightning-fast touch response rate of 500Hz. So the REDMAGIC 6 is unmatched in terms of what’s already available. Touch response is different from refresh rate in that it measures the time it takes for users to receive feedback from a device after making an input. The REDMAGIC 6 is meant as a mobile gaming platform, which means rapid input response is necessary. 

REDMAGIC 6 fast battery charging

For REDMAGIC 6 and REDMAGIC 6 Pro, they all come with 5050mAh large battery and 66W fast charging. Although it is slower than some competitors whose fast charging is 120W, there are little differences between 66W and 120W in terms of charging time. Besides, a 5050mAh battery can last for a whole day technically.

REDMAGIC 6 cooling system

The last feature of REDMAGIC 6 is its integrated cooling fan. This would help bolster high performance sessions for extended periods of time without the danger of overheating. Previous REDMAGIC products such as the REDMAGIC Mars' featured dual liquid and air cooling options with a copper tube to direct heat away from the CPU and GPU. The back of the phone also featured multiple vents to help keep the unit cool. Now, REDMAGIC 6 upgraded its cooling system to ICE6.0 with 7 a 20,000rpm high-speed centrifugal fan and an aviation-grade cooling ice blade. You can expect more about REDMAGIC 6 Series’ cooling system.