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How REDMAGIC 9 Pro takes gaming to new heights

Everything You Need to Take Your Gaming Experience to New Heights: REDMAGIC 9 Pro

To fully appreciate the unique performance of a device like the REDMAGIC 9 Pro, let’s first take a second to explore the most popular titles that mobile gamers are currently engaged in. 

The list of the Top 10 Mobile Games in 2024 compiled by Gamezone is a mix of old and new titles like Asphalt 9, Genshin Impact, and EA Sports FC Mobile. It also features games like Pokemon (Go and Unite), Call of Duty: Mobile (CODM), and League of Legends: Wild Rift. Some games mentioned in the Gamezone article are also listed as some of the most demanding games to play on mobile. 

According to Android Police, enjoying peak graphics on games like Genshin Impact requires flagship performance from your device, because mobile devices still have a long way to go to catch up with gaming consoles. But that doesn't deter developers from pushing the limits. On the bright side, this is where the “more power than you can use'' delivered by the REDMAGIC 9 Pro comes in handy.  


All the Space You Need


When researching the software and hardware requirements for maximum settings on the best games, one of the first things you’ll notice is the massive space requirement. TalkEsport suggests that gamers should reserve at least 8 GB of storage and have a minimum of 3 GB RAM on their Android device for Genshin Impact. 

The REDMAGIC 9 Pro supports these demands effortlessly with no less than 12 GB RAM and 256 GB of storage, giving you enough room to enjoy even more of your favorite games in one place. However, these are just the minimum requirements, and it’s exciting to wonder what the experience is like on a device that can meet the peak performance requirements.


Top-Notch Processors



By now, most of us have come to understand more about the gaming advantages packed into the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset. The latest chipset from Qualcomm outperformed the A17 Pro chip in the iPhone 15 Pro, demonstrating a 3% enhancement in multi-core processing according to Geekbench 5. The result is a more seamless and lag-free gaming experience with consistent FPS during gameplay. This is particularly beneficial for demanding games such as CODM and Genshin Impact. 

Interestingly, Parker Burton who tested Genshin Impact for REDMAGIC 8 Pro on his YouTube channel shares the developer’s disclaimer that players may experience a bit of lagging when playing Genshin Impact at max settings. However, the REDMAGIC 8 Pro doesn’t disappoint, maintaining a steady 60 FPS throughout gameplay. Parker then says he wishes Genshin developers would let the game run at 120 FPS for REDMAGIC because it looks and feels fantastic. 

Considering that the REDMAGIC 8 Pro uses an older chipset, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, the fluidity of the game on the REDMAGIC 9 Pro is incomparable.   


Unlock an Even Faster Playing Mode


So maybe Genshin Impact isn’t one of the games that’ll allow you to max out your REDMAGIC 9 Pro, but Call of Duty: Mobile is. Activating gaming features like the REDMAGIC Diablo Mode ramps up the CPU and GPU power by up to 200%, making it easier to run CODM on the highest graphics of 120 FPS, as demonstrated on the Demonal YouTube channel.  

(Demonal REDMAGIC 9 Pro Review) 

To improve performance, prevent overheating, and conserve power, COMD recommends that graphic quality and frame rate settings be reduced. REDMAGIC solves this problem with its built-in cooling mechanism, massive battery, and charge separation for extended gaming sessions. 


It’s Everything a Real Gamer Needs


The truth is, plenty of flagship smartphones offer a lot of the same features like a high-resolution display and fantastic camera quality. But as mentioned on Unbox Therapy, a gaming smartphone like the REDMAGIC 9 Pro has more intricate features that cater specifically to the needs of gamers and the demands of the best mobile games out there. If you’re looking to take your gaming experience to new heights in 2024, then this is the device that’ll deliver everything you need and more.