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Experience Amazing Software for REDMAGIC 6 Series!

We believe that many of you guys are so familiar with REDMAGIC 6 Series hardware parameters such as snapdragon 888 and 165Hz refresh rate screen.

But how about REDMAGIC software? As everybody knows, gaming phone’s software is as important as hardware. Let’s take a look at REDMAGIC6 software’s performance.

Operating system

The software is traditionally Android in version 11 with the REDMAGIC 4.0 extension. It offers a wide range of settings, especially in the area of ​​LED notifications, game mode or display and its Always-on mode. The environment is well tuned, nothing is cut anywhere and you don't wait for anything for a long time.

In any case, REDMAGIC 4.0 can be a good point for REDMAGIC 6 Series. Whether you want to play games in Game Space or just for daily use, it is suitable for everyone.

Mobile gaming

While playing, I reached for simpler titles in the style of Crash Bandicoot: On The Run, as well as for more demanding titles such as Call of Duty Mobile or Civilization VI.

I won't walk around hot porridge for long - Nubia REDMAGIC 6 is perfect for games. You can customize the game mode so that no one disturbs you during the game session and at the same time so that the phone delivers the maximum possible performance. Capacitive triggers give the game the necessary depth and also a certain advantage in competitive gaming, which players simply do not have on regular phones.

Maybe it can be a downside that you simply have nowhere to use the full potential of the phone. In Google Play you will find practically no game that would need 12 GB of RAM, the performance of the Snapdragon 888 and above all a 165Hz display. With the parameters, you can show off to a friend who will definitely show you how faster and smoother the games are.

Of course, the REDMAGIC 6 can also be used as a regular smartphone. Compared to the previous generation, Nubia has come a long way and updates its software for better experience.