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Beyond Expectation! REDMAGIC 6 Review: Performance and Battery

After Pre-order, someone found that the REDMAGIC 6 is so chunky, and why? There are several  reasons to explain: the massive battery capacity (5,050mAh), the built-in physical cooling fan...

There's no doubt that the REDMAGIC 6 has got the goods when it comes to game and power. Powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 888, alongside 12GB LPDDR5 RAM, there's nothing more powerful inside phones right now. Which makes the asking price of this phone all the more phenomenal.

For most people’s eyes,  there are few differences between Snapdragon 888 and 870. And it isn't going to make much difference for casual use. But the REDMAGIC 6 is all about gaming - so it has a processor that can put in the extra work to avoid those extra frame-rates and graphical options that you might otherwise not get elsewhere.

That said, only so many games are able to really tuck in. The same goes with the refresh rate debate: which games will genuinely benefit from 165Hz? Not many, perhaps none at all. However, what we can expect is that when we are playing games, there is a sense that there are no limits for us.

Besides, the REDMAGIC 6 did a good job when it comes to playing games. There's no delay, no fuss with fidelity, no issues with graphics textures, and so forth. It's about as good as it gets.

What beyongd expectation is that the cooling fan doesn't half make a lot of noise. However, having it on will undoubtedly use up power, too, so we've opted for leaving the standard cooling system minus the additional fans to handle other things. It's a good job you can manually adjust this from the settings shade - because the fan also activates when fast-charging kicks in, unless you tell it not to.

The reason for that is the fast-charging, at 66W, is really fast. You can fill it under 40 minutes, as long as you have the correct plug, which is borderline ridiculous. 

As for realistic longevity per charge. With this phone, more than most, that's going to depend on how much you play the games. The battery life is a little unpredictable in general, with a day of 'normal use' (at 90Hz) and some gaming thrown in delivering close to 15 hours. That's good for a whole day.

Above all, are you satisfied with REDMAGIC 6? With amazing performance and long battery life, we bet that some of you might want to buy REDMAGIC 6 now.