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Refer Your Friends To REDMAGIC For Great Deals

Friends don’t let friends game alone and REDMAGIC wants to help out. Share the magic of mobile gaming with REDMAGIC’s new Referral Program. It’s easy and helps not only your friend but you too. Here’s how it works.

How To Refer A Friend

How does the Referral Program works?


Go to our Referral Program and refer a friend by sharing their email address with us. They will get an email with a link in it that will take them here and they will automatically get $20 off when they order a REDMAGIC phone. Once they buy their phone, you will get an email with $20 off for your REDMAGIC phone. Pretty simple ya? With this simple new system it is easier than ever for you and your friends to get one of the best gaming phones of the year like the REDMAGIC 6 Pro.

Time To Go Take On The World Together

Game on with your friends!


Now, both you and your friend both have one of the best gaming smartphones ever and you’re ready to conquer the mobile gaming world as an unstoppable duo. Don’t have your phones yet? Well, it’s time to share the magic and start gaming it up today with a little help from REDMAGIC’s Referral Program.