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Mystery Revealed. Ready To Save On REDMAGIC?

Have you checked out the REDMAGIC XP Shop yet? If not, then I highly recommend that you do. With the recent reveal of the Mystery Coupon, then all of the available coupons are now available. But I would be quick to get the one you want.

Each coupon will only be available for a short time and for while stock lasts. So it is first-come, first-serve.

The coupons will be available to be redeemed until June 29th. Even if you do not have REDMAGIC XP yet, it is easy to signup and get enough XP before June 29th, so you too can redeem a coupon.

What are the available coupons you may be wondering? Let’s have a look.

$10 off all our products for just 30 points
$20 off the REDMAGIC 6 for just 60 points
$20 off the REDMAGIC 6 Pro for just 60 points
$30 off the REDMAGIC 6R for just 70 points

Getting the points needed for these is easy, just follow the steps on the REDMAGIC XP Shop to collect the points before June 29th and you can redeem one of these coupons. But remember, they wont be around forever with a limited number of them, so be quick and get them while you can.