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Get Your Hands on the REDMAGIC 7S Pro Now

Get Your Hands on the REDMAGIC 7S Pro Now

REDMAGIC 7S Pro Gaming Smartphone


The long-awaited REDMAGIC 7S Pro will be available globally from August 9th, 8 AM EST. Starting at $729 for the base model, the latest release from the Nubia brand boasts features that take the mobile gaming experience to the next level. Customers who purchased an Early Bird coupon can save $30 when redeeming it at the checkout window, limited to one coupon per order.

From new additions to the cooling system, increased processing power, upgraded display, and the new transparent Mercury silver design, this device was made to give mobile gaming a fresher and more modern look and feel.


REDMAGIC 7S Pro Gaming Smartphone - Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1

The incorporation of the new Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor means this device is able to do more than any other REDMAGIC gaming smartphone seen before, while using less power. The processor contains a 10% increase in CPU and GPU functions and a 30% improved power efficiency, making the REDMAGIC 7S Pro one of the most powerful mobile gaming devices ever. All of the above allow the smartphone to manage heat and performance better, enabling gamers to game for longer at peak performance.


REDMAGIC 7S Pro Gaming Smartphone - ICE 10.0 Cooling System

Of course, a powerful device needs an equally powerful cooling system, which is why this one carries the all-new ICE 10.0 Multi-dimensional Cooling System - the most advanced cooling system in the industry. The cooling technology on the device is up one layer from the previously used ICE 9.0 Cooling System with the new addition of the Graphene Energy Storage Phase Change Composite material. This in combination with the Shark Fin Vortex Cutout modification made to the fan increased the overall cooling of the machine by 3 degrees Celsius.

The improved cooling system and the improved power performance of the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 translates to zero overheating and no loss in game performance.


REDMAGIC 7S Pro Gaming Smartphone - True Full Screen

The 6.8” FHD AMOLED true full-screen display has no holes or notches in sight, hiding even the camera so players can really feel immersed during their games. It also has a 120Hz refresh rate which makes for more frames per second, and a smoother visual experience, as well as a 960Hz touch sampling which makes the display more responsive - an essential feature for gaming.

Get ready to grab your very own REDMAGIC 7S Pro and game better than ever. Available in Mercury and Supernova colorways with an 18 RAM +512GB storage option, and the Obsidian colorway with a 12 RAM +256GB storage option.

Order yours now!