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Congrats to the Winners of REDMAGIC Black Friday Lottery

Congrats to the Winners of REDMAGIC Black Friday Lottery

REDMAGIC Black Friday Lottery Winner Announcement

The inaugural REDMAGIC Black Friday was a great success, and we’re glad to be sharing the joy with our lucky REDMAGIC patrons just in time for Christmas. As promised, we’ve prepared three sets of prizes that are currently making their way over to nine participants who took part in the exciting Black Friday Lottery that ran from November 16th to November 30th. 


A quick recap of what was up for grabs in the REDMAGIC Black Friday Lottery: 

· 2x exclusive and unreleased REDMAGIC products

· 2x full order refunds on a purchase made on the REDMAGIC website during the competition dates, and

· 5x REDMAGIC Turbo Coolers.


And the Winners Are…

With the discounts offered during the flash sales and Black Friday, everyone walked away victorious. But truly, there can only be nine winners, and here they are. Check your order number to see if you’ve won.


REDMAGIC Turbo Cooler  

REDMAGIC Black Friday Lottery Winner Announcement

The REDMAGIC Turbo Cooler is designed to take your REDMAGIC 7 series device to an all-new level of cooling. It has a 29-blade centrifugal fan that distributes cool air to the rear surface of your phone to protect it from overheating during intense gaming sessions. These 5 lucky participants are about to enjoy their REDMAGIC 7 even more: #RMGNA29589, #RMGNA29564, #RMGNA29560, #RMGNA29570 all from the USA, and #RMGEU16857 in the Netherlands, your REDMAGIC Turbo Cooler is making its way to you.


REDMAGIC Unreleased Products

REDMAGIC Black Friday Lottery Winner Announcement

The unreleased REDMAGIC products are as exclusive as it gets and they’re on the way to order number #RMGUK5984 in the UK and #RMGNA29526 in the USA.


Full Order Refund

REDMAGIC Black Friday Lottery Winner Announcement

Having money in your pocket is always a good feeling, so this prize is all about giving back those good feelings. The first 50% refund goes to order number #RMGNA29568 in the USA, who purchased the REDMAGIC 7 in the flash sale. The second lucky participant purchased the REDMAGIC 7S Pro with order number #RMGEU16887 in Germany, and they’ll also be receiving 50% cash back.


The Winner’s Circle

REDMAGIC is dedicated to making the ultimate gaming smartphones, ensuring that you edge far ahead of the competition in each battle. Congratulations to our winners who’ve just gained exclusive entry into the winner’s circle. Sign up to receive the REDMAGIC newsletter and get dedicated updates on our latest releases and promotions.