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What Strategy Game Are We Playing?

What Strategy Game Are We Playing? - REDMAGIC Game Review


As much as we love our FPS and open-world RPG games, sometimes it’s nice to slow things down a bit, test our brains, and play a fun little strategy game. We writers here for REDMAGIC aren’t crazy gun-totting monsters, I promise. Ok, no, you’re right, we grew up on Quake and Doom. But! We still love a good little strategy game and mobile gaming is possibly one of the best platforms for it. Turn-based strategy games, in particular, it’s like mobile gaming was made for them, it just makes too much sense. But what strategy game are we playing? Well, we’re big fans of the tower defense team-building strategy game that is Arknights. It may be a couple of years old now, but it has only gotten better in these past two years and we think you’ll love it just as much as we do.



What Kind Of Game Is Arknights?

In short, it is our favorite take on the tower defense style of strategy games. The developers behind have really put their heart and soul into the game it is apparent and we love it. It may be a team-building gacha game with tower defense mechanics but they do so much more than just trying to get your money that is a joy to play. In the past two years, the developers have fleshed out an enjoyable story, continued to introduce interesting and cool characters, and somehow avoided power creep, allowing older, and more common characters to stay relevant. 



A Game About Synergy

Now if you are not a fan of free-to-play gacha games because they are usually pay-to-win messes, you’re not alone. We avoid them too. Arknights is a diamond in the rough though. It can be totally played without spending a dime. It’ll be a little slower experience but you’re not really competing against other players since it is a PVE-focused game anyway. The developers found a nice balance in their system where it is possible to have awesome OP characters, but having a good team synergy can be just as effective for clearing levels. What does that mean? It means you can beat just about any level with the basic 4-star characters if you team them up correctly and place them just so on the map. That doesn’t mean that the maps can only be beaten with certain strategies either. Players are learning and sharing many different ways to beat the maps and new team combos and methods are popping up all the time thanks to an active community.


Arknight Developers Go The Extra Mile

The other main reason why Arknights is so great and what keeps us playing is just how far the developers go to make the game not only unique but more uniquely awesome compared to other games. For the past two years, they have been fleshing out and developing one of the longest stories for a mobile game we’ve seen yet. Over these past years, they have created content that fleshes out and ties in characters into the story even after they had been available for months if not years. So their forward thinking in their story or their ability to write themselves out of corners is pretty awesome. The story has been so fun and engaging in fact that there are rumors there may be an Arknights animation in the works. If you need to play the game beforehand to enjoy the animation is unknown but I bet it’s fine and I can’t wait to see it. The artwork and character designs have also always been top-notch and really helped to flesh out the story and vibe of the game. It’s constant eye candy all the time. But of all the things that the developers do, the game’s music outshines it all.



Is It A Game Or A Music Studio?

Seriously, ask anyone who plays the game or watch some reviews and they will tell you how awesome and varied the music in Arknights is. This is mostly because, as crazy as this sounds, each character has their own music. This is because each 6-star character has their own theme so their art and style represent this but is the fact that each 6-star character has their own music that is truly awesome. The music also isn’t just the developers grabbing music from artists and plugging it into the game, the company apparently makes all of this music and it’s good. The Arknight player base even has a meme about how the company behind Arknights is actually a music studio that just makes games on the side, so the music is good.



It’s A Great Game, But On REDMAGIC It’s Even Better!

I wouldn’t say it is required to play it on the REDMAGIC to enjoy the game, it’s a chill game and lots of fun on its own. But if you want to have the most chilled, and entertaining experience, and just play super efficiently, then playing on REDMAGIC is a must. In the REDMAGIC 7 Series gaming smartphone, our REDMAGIC Game Space is updated to give a few unexpected but truly awesome quality-of-life upgrades to Arknights.


Game Shorthand: A sticky note-like feature where you can leave notes and have them hanging on the screen. It’s ideal for Arknight for those more complicated levels when you need to remember the right position and timings for your team placement.


Quick Picture Libary: Now if you’re a more visual person there is also the Quick Picture Library, which works the same way as the Game Shorthand but instead of text, it is a picture you can keep on the screen for you to use as a reference.


Game Reminder: You can set an alarm clock-like feature in Game Space so you don’t have to leave the game to set one. Great for when a new banner comes out with daily or weekly activities so you don’t forget to do them.


Are You Ready To Lead Your Team And Save The World?

If you don’t have Arknights already, you can get it easily through the Google Play Store and if you’re looking for the best gaming experience you can get for it, here’s a shortcut to where you can buy a REDMAGIC 7 Series gaming smartphone