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REDMAGIC’s 7 Top Games For 2022

REDMAGIC’s 7 Top Games For 2022

REDMAGIC’s 7 Top Games For 2022

The year is coming to a close soon and with the big holiday season steaming on in, it’s not only a great time to catch up on some game time but to also look back and see which games we loved playing this year. Several games came out this year that caught our eye and ate our time, and of course, there are some older games that we just couldn’t keep down no matter how good these new games were. So let us take a quick look down memory lane for 2022, and recap our favorite games to play this year. I promise to be short, but you never know, you may have missed one of these fantastic games.


Our Favorite Game Releases Of 2022

This list isn’t in any real order, though we will save the best for last. So you could just skip to that I guess, but every other game is still a good game, and our favorite may not be your favorite after all. Enough dawdling though, onto the list of great games for 2022!


Let’s start things off with some unexpectedly exciting games that came out. We had high hopes for them, and they blew our expectations away, and then gave us plenty to talk about afterward as well! The surprisingly controversial ARPG scene that is. It really blew up this year and showed all of us how crazy pay-to-win can get with the ARPGs. But that didn’t stop them from still being fun games to play, as long as you didn’t try to compete against the whales. 


Diablo Immortal

REDMAGIC’s 7 Top Games For 2022

We had high hope s for this game, and I stress the “game” part heavily. We wanted it to be a fun game to play on mobile and blew our expectations out of the water. It is fun to play. But that makes the marketplace for the game that much more of a letdown. If you can control your impulses and refrain from spending on the game, it can be a fun game to build and grind a simple ARPG character. The graphics were great, the controls were simple, the monsters died and exploded very satisfyingly as any good Diablo monster should, and it was legitimately fun to play. 


The controversy around the game could also in the end be a good thing. Much like loot boxes and outrageous marketplaces we have seen companies try in other games and then have to backpedal from, this latest edition is more of the same. Blizzard may tone it down and better yet, companies may start seeing the bad publicity from these insane marketplaces as not worth it and stop implementing them so aggressively. Not likely in the near future, but we can hope for a better and brighter future right?


Torchlight Infinite

REDMAGIC’s 7 Top Games For 2022

Right on the heels of Diablo Immortal was Torchlight Infinite, another ARPG game that got its start on the PC and had a loyal fan base. Seeing what Blizzard did on the gameplay side, we were pretty excited to give this one a try. We were also pretty concerned about what the marketplace could be like thanks to Blizzard. Thankfully it proved to be an equally fun game to play with different artistic tastes and some different builds for us to enjoy. The devs also seemed to take note of what happened with Diablo and either toned their marketplace down or were just generally good devs and didn’t have a super aggressive pay-to-win system. They did have one, with the pets, but it didn’t take away from the game experience. A game experience that like Diablo, was surprisingly a load of fun on a smartphone and even better on a gaming smartphone.


The game quickly became a fast-paced action game with you clearing out hordes of monsters with your favorite set of abilities, like any good ARPG. We also found the bright color scheme to be a really nice touch. It would seem like it would change the game experience that much, but it really made the game more fun and cheerful to play compared to the grim dark carnage of Diablo.


Since Torchlight and Diablo are both so similar we do have the opportunity to say which one we liked more. While we are die-hard Diablo fans, we did have to hand it to Torchlight for being a more fun game. The marketplace of Diablo soured it and the bright colors and new take on abilities and spells in Torchlight made us keep coming back to Torchlight Infinite more than Diablo.


Apex Legends

REDMAGIC’s 7 Top Games For 2022

Being the die-hard FPS gamers that we are at REDMAGIC, we were ecstatic when we saw news of Apex Legends coming to mobile. Once we got our hands on it, let’s just say, there is playing for content creation, and then there’s just hogging the REDMAGIC 7 Series gaming smartphone all lunch break to play Apex Legends on.


For most of us in the REDMAGIC offices, Apex Legends is the superior battle royal game and the mobile port did not disappoint. The action is fast, deadly, and fun with various weapons and character abilities to keep the game fresh or to tune to your specific play style. Just like Torchlight Infinite, the brighter color scheme really makes everything pop and generally more enjoyable it seems. But best of all, those guns, they just sound and feel the best, hands down some of our best gunplay mechanics around.


Marvel Snap - Our Top Game For 2022

REDMAGIC’s 7 Top Games For 2022

Hands down, without a doubt, the best game of the year has to be Marvel Snap. Ever since this card-collecting game came out, we’ve been playing it non-stop. It helps that most of us love superheroes, but the devs behind Marvel Snap have it figured out. Everything just fits together perfectly. The card abilities to the art to extra little graphics for the cards, even how the cards interact with each other, it’s all very well done. And best of all, it’s so easy to get a few games in here and there. Though be careful of that too, it’s insanely easy to just keep hitting that “Play” button for another round. Just “one more round” so easily turns into 2 more hours of playing if you aren’t paying attention.


While Odin decks may be the top meta right now, I’ve been seeing some very interesting discard decks out there and even a crazy Jane Foster as Thro plus Mr. Negative combo that blew me away.


Personally, I like building themed decks centered around the heroes and their teams. For example, I’m building a Spider-man themed deck since I just got the friendly neighborhood Spider-man himself and Miles as well. Those two paired up with both the Greengoblin and Hobgoblin have given me some hilarious games.


Some Older Games We Just Can’t Put Down

New games are always great, but we all know deep down, some of those older games we’ve been playing for a year or longer, those are the ones most dear to us sometimes.


COD: Mobile

REDMAGIC’s 7 Top Games For 2022

Ever since this game hit the mobile scene, it has been our go-to team-based FPS game and continues to be one of the best FPS games you can find on mobile. With frequent content updates, like new skins, guns, maps, and play modes, the devs behind COD: Mobile have continued to make this now older FPS game stay top dog for years now. In fact, the last time we played there was a PVM mode where players worked as a team to protect a truck from endless waves of bad guys. It was simple, it was short, and it was loads of fun with a fair bit of replayability. We look forward to seeing what else they do with this PVM side of the game, cause we know their Team based PVP side, is top-notch and only getting.


Pokemon Unite

REDMAGIC’s 7 Top Games For 2022

For when we want to play a quick MOBA game, our go-to game for the past year or so has more often than not been Pokemon Unite. Its quick games and easy controls make for some very enjoyable matches to unwind with during lunch or during a quick break. We also enjoy the bright color scheme for the game. It helps to identify what’s what, which is important in a fast-paced MOBA game. The mechanics of the game itself, such as how you take the control zones by gaining influence over them is a nice change of pace compared to other MOBAs.


Genshin Impact

REDMAGIC’s 7 Top Games For 2022

Whenever we feel like playing a solid RPG, there is always Genshin Impact for us. Be it either in a small bit of time here and there or when we have time for a real sit down to play a dungeon, it continues to prove to be the best RPG on mobile. The devs behind the game continue to give it more and more content as well as more and more characters for us to enjoy. It really does keep pulling us back in. Not to mention, the formula that they perfected with Genshin Impact is so good, several other devs have tried to copy it and while coming close, they just can’t surpass the original. 


Bonus for us, playing Genshin Impact on the REDMAGIC 7 Series phones is probably the best way to play Genshin as well. 


Goodbye 2022, Hello 2023

All in all, 2022 was a great year for mobile gaming, particularly with Marvel Snap, so good. As 2023 is right around the corner, we can’t wait to see what awesome games it brings us. Till then, see online!

And now, back to more Marvel Snap…