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The REDMAGIC is finally here. But how did we get here?


It all started with an idea to build a great gaming phone. Others had tried, but no one had yet delivered the ultimate mobile gaming experience.


So we gave it a shot.


First off, how would it look? At the drawing board, we faced the challenge of creating a design that was not only attractive but could be ergonomic, distinctive and high performing.

Current phones had either not adapted to gaming (some felt like bricks) or were simply copycats of the big names. That’s when we decided to create a design that would leave a mark on the smartphone industry.


After more than a hundred design iterations, we brought out a sleek smartphone that’s comfortable to hold and use for hours on end.


So there was no need for a trade-off between aesthetics and performance, after all.



But we quickly hit an obstacle. It was impossible to include clunky cooling fans without compromising on the smartphone’s slim design.


So, we took a cool-headed approach to keep the temperature down. Three special technologies were built in to keep our device cool to the touch—no fans necessary.


Firstly, the extra layers of graphite help keep heat off processor, letting it do its job.


On top of that, the convex-styled back adds more surface area to dissipate heat faster. Basically, the more surface area, the faster conduction and convection can take place.

Finally, the four cooling ports on the back of the device allow for better hot–cool air exchange.

Combine these three components and what you get is the coolest phone. Literally! At its peak temperature, it’s almost ten degrees cooler than an iPhone X.



Okay, okay. But what about gaming? How would the REDMAGIC perform?


To make the REDMAGIC into a true gaming phone, the design team came up with GameBoost Mode. At the flick of a switch, this feature turns off any distracting notifications and stabilises the frame rate.


We knew that for mobile gaming, it’s all about a stable performance to avoid any lag. That’s what brought us to the Qualcomm® Snapdragon 835™. We weren’t looking for the fastest chipset but what could deliver the most stable and optimised experience.


Through months of development, we worked to optimise this chipset to strike the perfect balance between performance, battery life and temperature. So you can jump straight into the game knowing you have the best hardware suited for the job.



And finally, that RGB LED strip. It’s got 16 million colours. Four different lighting effects. Because… Well, why not? It just looks awesome!


Voila! The REDMAGIC phone was born. But our story is far from finished. We’re a community-based project and your suggestions on how we can do better next time is always welcome. For now, enjoy the REDMAGIC in all its glory.