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Elevate Your Back To School Game with REDMAGIC

Elevate Your Back To School Game with REDMAGIC

REDMAGIC Back To School 2023

As the smell of autumn begins to fill the air and the days begin to get a little bit shorter, the all-familiar aura of “back to school” starts to set in. It’s the time of the year to trade in lazy summer days with the pursuit of knowledge and growth. But going back to school is more than just classes and homework, it’s a chance to learn, embrace the competitive spirit, and reach new personal goals. This year, REDMAGIC is set to become your ultimate companion on this exciting journey. 


The start of every academic year is a new step into the playing field of life’s most exciting competition. It’s a chance to outdo our past achievements on the sports field, in the exam room, and grow in our social circles. REDMAGIC recognizes that being the best is about more than just excelling in the books, but making meaningful progress in every facet of our lives. To celebrate the start of the 2023 academic year, we’re running the REDMAGIC Back To School 2023 event

Exclusive Student Discount

REDMAGIC Back To School 2023

For the next two weeks, from August 22nd to September 5th, we’ll be rolling out the virtual red carpet for all students and graduates where you can get a 5% discount on all REDMAGIC products. This includes all REDMAGIC Gaming Smartphones, REDMAGIC Accessories, and REDMAGIC PC Gaming equipment. 


You can also use the student discount to get 5% + $5 off on any REDMAGIC 8S Pro bundle, which includes the REDMAGIC 8S Pro plus your choice of either a gamepad, a protective case, or a screen protector. The best part is that this offer is valid exclusively for purchases made with verified student or graduate accounts. 


Everybody Wins

REDMAGIC Back To School 2023

You thought we’d leave everyone else out of the party? All non-students (and students) who subscribe to REDMAGIC and make a purchase during the Back To School event will be entered into a draw to win the total value of their purchase back in cash. By upgrading your gaming set-up and diving into the thrill of the REDMAGIC experience, you could potentially level up your wallet too, and that’s a win in our books.

Event Rules


The event will run from August 22nd until September 5th, and only purchases made during this time will be considered eligible. To qualify for the 5% student discount and the 100% cashback draw, all participants must register using a valid email address and students must ensure that their account is verified for student benefits. 

Your Companion in the Game of Life


As you embark on this exciting journey and step into the new academic season, remember that it’s not just about hitting the books. It’s about embracing the spirit of competition and growth in every aspect of your life. REDMAGIC is here to support and help you maintain a healthy balance, ensuring that your gaming adventures are just exciting as your academic endeavors.  Subscribe, verify your student account, and join us for the REDMAGIC Back To School 2023 event starting August 22nd.