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Retro Magic: The 5 Best Android Emulators for REDMAGIC 3

Best Android Emulators for REDMAGIC 3

Best Game Assistants for REDMAGIC Gaming Phone


Ah, gaming and nostalgia. Can you name a better duo? Even as mobile games advance, we find ourselves longing for games of yesteryear that, despite any limitations, still stand up today. 

To celebrate these games, we’ve put together this handy list of the best Android emulators for REDMAGIC 3 — just in case your Gamecube is hidden somewhere in your mom’s attic.

Just a heads-up: We can’t promise all of these emulators and their games will play flawlessly. But with the REDMAGIC 3 made-for-gaming specs, you’ll at least get the smoothest possible experience. 

Best all-in-one: Emubox 

If you only try one emulator… then download more! Just make Emubox your first. It’s stupidly easy to use thanks to its simple controls, and even automatically picks up game ROMs without the need to tediously extract them. 

There’s also a fast-forward mode in case you’re playing a Pokemon game and you gotta battle that one guy with 6 Magikarps. 




Best for PlayStation One: FPse 

If Lara Croft was your #FirstVideoGameCrush, then FPse is for you. Solid, compatible with the vast majority of PS1 games, and it’s super user friendly. 

FPse also supports real-time saves, game compressors and a bunch of Bluetooth controllers, including the Pro Handle

Lara, it’s been a long time but please take us back. 


Best for Wii and GameCube: Dolphin 

Although not 100% bug-free, this is easily the most competent Wii and Gamecube emulator out there for Android. Just make sure you’ve got a high-end-specs phone the smoothest experience.  

Check out ETA PRIME's video below to see the Dolphin Emulator in action on the REDMAGIC 3. And yes, you can add it to the Game Space 2.0 for added mobile gaming capabilities. 


Best for PSP: PPSSPP 

Not only the best emulators for the PSP but one of the best emulators, period. It takes on demanding games like God of War: Ghost of Sparta with ease and automatically configures links up with external controllers

What’s more, you can use it to play free homebrew games, as well as PSP games in .iso or .cso format. Fish out your old PSP and you can even transfer saved games from it. 




Best for Dreamcast: REICAST

With innovative titles like Shenmue and Crazy Taxi, SEGA’s Dreamcast was way ahead of it’s time despite not being a commercial success. We miss it (and other SEGA consoles) dearly. That’s why we thank Reicast for bringing it back to life. 

OK, it’s not the easiest emulator to get going, and you’ll need to take some extra set-up like manually creating game and save folders. But once everything’s in place, it works like a charm. Plus, it’s free, so who’s complaining? 


Did we miss any? Hit us up on our FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages to let us know what should have made it on the list. 

Happy emulating!

For the smoothest possible emulator experience, get the REDMAGIC 3 here.