Ready, Set, Game On


Taking inspiration from our favorite shows and movies, it was always the advanced robots and cyborgs that blew us away with their speed and power, and it’s only fitting we pay homage to that with our latest designs.

A New, Unique Design

Show the beauty of machinery

Gold Press Inlays

See the power

Machine Precision Back Plate

Less than 0.1mm diaphragm precision machining

Asymmetrical Design With Transparency

Left and right asymmetric structure and design

165Hz Refresh Rate
Gaming Screen

REDMAGIC has gone all in to give you the fastest screen. With a 165Hz refresh rate, this 6.8” AMOLED screen delivers beautiful HD+ visuals at up to 165 frames per second. Take full control and advantage of those speeds with the REDMAGIC 6S Pro’s 720Hz multi-finger touch sampling rate.


Ultra low latency. Faster game controls. Always one step ahead.

ICE 7.0 Multi-dimensional
Cooling System

REDMAGIC 6S Pro’s enhanced cooling system has been upgraded with new aerospace-grade phase change materials (PCM) that changes the way we cool off the phone to keep it comfortable and cool. The heat is stored in this new material instead of leaking out of the phone into your hands. It is then transferred to the turbofan fan and whisked away to quickly cool off.

High-speed Built-in Turbofan

REDMAGIC has mastered the gaming smartphone built-in turbofan and now, we’ve gone and made the best built-in turbofan yet. The fan is quieter than ever, has an increased air flow and with the transparent back on the REDMAGIC 6S Pro Ghost, get mesmerized with the cool RGB lights.

Dual-Core Ice Dock*

Butterfly wing, dual core cooling

Dual core semiconductor, duel 7 blade fans,double heat dissipation, RGB lighting

Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 888+ Flagship chip

Take your mobile gaming to the max with the all-new Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 888+ mobile platform. Play your favorite games with ease with the raw power of the new Kryo™ 680 CPU clocking in 3Ghz* and enjoy Triple-A graphics thanks to the fast rendering power of the Adreno 660 GPU.

Upgraded Shoulder Triggers

We embrace our inner gamer here at REDMAGIC and because of that, we know what you need most in your mobile gaming is to have greater control and comfort, to have a more authentic gaming experience. To give you this, the REDMAGIC 6S Pro is equipped with two 450Hz touchpad shoulder triggers that can be mapped to any actions you need in your games.

Massive 5050mAh battery
air cooled quick charging

With a massive 5050mAh battery, you can game it up uninterrupted for hours on end on the REDMAGIC 6S Pro. For our true, hardcore gamers out there, you can make use of the Charge Separation feature found in Game Space power the phone directly from a power source without using the battery to help keep the phone cool and even extend the overall lifespan of the battery.

Dual Stereo Speakers

Loud and immersive is what you want in speakers and that is what you get with the REDMAGIC 6S Pro, and you get it in stereo for a truly enjoyable experience for music or videos. Go ahead, show off your greatest hits list with your friends or that killer replay at full volume, they’ll love it.


Welcome to an updated Game Space, a place where you can tweak and adjust your phone settings just the way you want them as well as collect your game collection and to play without limits. It’s truly a space dedicated to games and built for those that love them.

64MP HD AI triple camera

Don’t just record the world around you, capture it in beautiful 4K. Use the 64MP HD AI Triple Camera to make the most of every moment and keep it for all time.


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1. Loading screen and data transmission speeds may vary from user to user due to external factors and what applications are used.
2. Number of TOPS was observed by Qualcomm's when testing the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 888+ in a controlled environment.
3. Observable Wi-Fi speeds may vary due to external conditions such as the quality of the local network.
4. Product images are for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary.