June's Giveaway Boom

June’s Giveaway Boom

Our campaign on Indiegogo was a huge success all because of you. Now, let’s celebrate!
Now’s your chance to win a FREE REDMAGIC device, backpack, headphones, or T-shirt. It’s simple to enter, and more fun to play along!


  1. T-shirt

  2. Earphones

  3. Bag

  4. Phone





Visit our webpage, then download and set any of the images as your desktop or mobile wallpaper.

Here is an example of the images to use for option 5:

Contest prize - earphones

You can repeat options 3–5 as many times as you like. At the end of contest, those with the highest points will win a FREE REDMAGIC device!

Anyone can enter to win a backpack, pair of headphones, or T-shirt, no matter where you are located. Please be advised that winners of the REDMAGIC device will be restricted to the available countries we ship to.

Contest ends June 5th at 12AM China Standard Time (CST).
We will announce the lucky winners on June 8th.