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The REDMAGIC 9 Pro Is Coming With Some New Accessories

The REDMAGIC 9 Pro Is Coming With Some New Accessories


The design of the REDMAGIC 9 Pro is like nothing we’ve created in the past, and we made an all-new line of accessories to fit this new aesthetic. REDMAGIC accessories are designed to protect your device and enhance the mobile gaming experience, and they’re the perfect companion for your REDMAGIC 9 Pro and other gaming phones. 


Today’s blog will look at the four new additions to our list of accessories, including the screen protector and protective case for the REDMAGIC 9 Pro, the latest REDMAGIC Turbo Cooler 4 Pro, and the new REDMAGIC Shadow Blade Gamepad 2. The best advice we can give you is to add them to your list of must-haves before they sell out.


Enhance the Gaming Experience


To make the gaming experience more enjoyable, regardless of the device you use, REDMAGIC Gaming Accessories are designed to deliver peak performance and give you more control of your device and the game. 


REDMAGIC Shadow Blade Gamepad 2



The Shadow Blade Gamepad was released alongside the REDMAGIC 8 Series to provide an enhanced portable gaming experience with most of the latest Android smartphones. The new and improved REDMAGIC Shadow Blade Gamepad 2 for REDMAGIC 9 Pro provides the same compact gaming experience and boasts a more ergonomic and futuristic design that looks and feels more like a console. 


The gamepad features a customizable magnetic face shell for a personalized look, enhancing player engagement. The REDMAGIC Shadow Blade Gamepad 2 also supports ABXY key swapping, allowing users to freely customize key functions to suit their gaming habits, improving joystick flexibility, operability, and overall gaming smoothness. Priced at €94.90, it’s compatible with a wide range of Type-C devices so even if you don’t own a REDMAGIC, you can still experience the best. 


REDMAGIC Turbo Cooler 4 ProREDMAGIC-Turbo-Cooler-4-Pro


Keeping the device ultra cool during game time is one of the things REDMAGIC does best. The REDMAGIC ICE 4.0 cooling system is given a new life inside the improved REDMAGIC Turbo Cooler 4 Pro. It’s been enhanced to have 27W of power to drop your device’s temperature by up to 20°C. It draws in and expels air from top to bottom, successfully cooling down the device without interfering with your hand placement. 


For a retail price of only €43.90, give any device the sweet gamer aesthetic every time you snap on and power up the REDMAGIC Turbo Cooler 4 Pro with its impressive RGB light effect and futuristic mecha design.  


Protect Your REDMAGIC 9 Pro


The chances that you’ll let your new gaming beast fall or get damaged are very slim, we know. But in the same breath, we all know that accidents happen. Here’s how you can protect your REDMAGIC 9 Pro.


REDMAGIC 9 Pro Protective Case



The cutting-edge design of the REDMAGIC 9 Pro gaming smartphone remains visible through this transparent protective case, maintaining its futuristic aesthetic. Made with a precision injection molding technique, the case ensures robust protection and enhances the gaming experience with a secure and comfortable grip. Specialized cut-out areas enable uninterrupted access to the shoulder triggers during gameplay.


The case effectively distributes the impact of a fall, using 3D protection to safeguard the device. The incorporation of a metallic stainless steel inlaid ring not only improves thermal conductivity but also elevates the overall innovative appearance of the REDMAGIC 9 Pro. Priced at €19.90, it is available on the REDMAGIC website right now.


REDMAGIC 9 Pro Screen Protector



Crafted for the REDMAGIC 9 Pro, the screen protector ensures a clear and accurate display of color from the improved BOE Q9+ screen. Its effective anti-glare feature enhances gaming performance under various lighting conditions, allowing you to maximize your gaming experience and take full advantage of the 1600 nits of brightness.


It covers the entire display surface to shield against dust and external elements. Rigorous testing in the REDMAGIC lab guarantees durability, providing resilience against intense screen taps and impacts from falls. Priced at €14.90, this slim protective film is tailored for the REDMAGIC 9 Pro, safeguarding its impressive 6.8-inch display and optimizing the true-full screen's high-definition capabilities. 


Load Your Carts and Get Set 


The time for a new gaming experience is right now, whether you’re playing on the powerful REDMAGIC 9 Pro or any other gaming smartphone. Check out the full specs for each accessory on the official REDMAGIC website when you add it to your cart, and get ready for a gaming evolution.