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Start The New Year With A Massive Deal

Looking for an awesome new phone to start the New Year with? Then give the REDMAGIC 6R a look, one of the sleekest flagship smartphones you can get your hands on. What makes it so special? It’s designed like a secret agent’s phone for starters. Designed to be a great day-to-day phone it’s also secretly a powerful monster of a phone perfect for gaming on the side.



To celebrate the New Year you can get a REDMAGIC 6R right now for the awesome price of $399, one of the best deals you’ll find out there for a flagship phone running the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chip, one of the most powerful chips to have ever be put into a smartphone. If saving $100 on a REDMAGIC 6R doesn’t excite you, then let me tell you a little about what it can do.


It might be the lightest and sleekest phone to come from REDMAGIC, but it can still do everything you’d want. Upgraded AI-assisted quad-camera system with REDMAGIC’s powerful Neovision photography suite software to make photos and videos sharp and easy to take. For better selfies and video call quality, the front-facing camera was upgraded to a 16M camera. Great for when you’re out and about but still need to attend that Zoom meeting. Speaking of hopping over to a Zoom call, the power of the REDMAGIC 6R is so much that you could easily enjoy your time before that Zoom meeting, playing your favorite game and then hop over to the Zoom call easily with little wait time. You could even make use of Game Space’s small window feature to minimize your game so you don’t lose your progress while you’re in your Zoom call.



It’s honestly the perfect phone for any professional that also likes to game in their off-time, because even working professionals want to relax and blow off some steam. 


Are you interested in a REDMAGIC 6R that wants to get the perfect blend of casual and extreme gaming? Just click here then and read all about it, or skip all of that and go straight to the store. The choice is yours.