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Quality of Life Improvement is a Full HD 144Hz Display

Considering how much time we spend looking at our phone screens, it is very important that they be the best we can get and not much beats a Full HD 144Hz display. The picture is clear and vibrant and at 144Hz, it is so smooth when scrolling or enjoying high frame rate applications or videos. 

Improve Your Day to Day

How much do you think you do on your phone these days? I know I do quite a bit during my typical day to day, anything from reading messages to reading books to browsing the internet for the latest cute cat pictures (our true meme overlords) or to buy the latest cool gadgets. 

Reading on a mobile device like a phone has always been difficult, especially for graphic novels or comics. The screens are too small, the image quality isn’t there with less vibrant colors and sometimes not bright enough. On a large 6.65 inch Full HD display, everything comes in clearly and it is super easy to read comfortably, everything from your favorite websites to novels to even graphic novels.

Speaking of reading your favorite websites, web surfing and shopping on the net with your phone is a literal joy when you have an awesome screen. Scrolling through pages on a 144Hz screen is so responsive and smooth, you won’t be able to stop yourself from scrolling forever. Shopping online is a pure joy, letting you window shop with ease until you find the perfect item thanks to seeing everything super clearly and never having to deal with a hanging screen as it tries to scroll through more pictures.

Making it Easier to Game

Of course, playing games on a screen of this calibre is nothing less than awesome, it’s why we chose it for our awesome gaming phones. It ticks all the boxes needed for gamers, it’s large, it’s bright, with vibrant colors, and it allows you to experience games at their max FPS settings, and really enjoy the smoothness of a 144Hz screen in the fastest games that don’t have a max FPS.

Videos and Movies are Awesome


On a 6.65 inch Full HD display, videos are absolutely beautiful. The image quality is sharp and clear and the colors are bright and vibrant when or subdued and quiet whenever they need to be to always give the best picture quality. On a large 6.65inch display, it is easy on the eyes, forcing you to focus less, be it for an epic full feature movie, or just cat memes. 

Stop holding yourself back and enjoy fully your mobile experience by having one of the best screens out there. Click here to learn more about how awesome a 6.65 inch Full HD display at 144Hz is. We warn ya though, cause just like Morty here who learns the hard way, once you have that smoothness of 144Hz, everything else just can’t keep up.

"Animation from Rick and Morty"