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How to Use Your REDMAGIC Mars' Shoulder Triggers (with GIFs!)

Hey teammate,

So you've got your REDMAGIC Mars. Awesome!

Have you figured out how to configure the touch-sensitive shoulder triggers? No worries, let me give you a run-through.


Step 1: Switch on REDMAGIC Game Zone

The sensors only work with GameBoost on, so flip the switch and load up Game Zone.


Step 2: Select a game and play 

I especially like using the shoulder sensors with PUBG but they basically work with any game.


Step 3: Pull down the top menu and select the Touch Button icon

It’s the first one on your left.

I recommend configuring the sensors in target practice. But the braver ones reading this might want to go straight into a match.


Step 4: Drag the L and R buttons around

Place them wherever you think is best. I’ve chosen R for shooting and L for aiming, but how ever you place them is up to you. 


Step 5: Click exit. Happy gaming!

You’re all set! Now, go use your Mars what it was made for: High kill streaks!