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5 Best Free and Premium Pro Handle-ready Android Games  

Thanks to its powerful specs, you can already expect a top-level gaming experience on the REDMAGIC 3S.

But of course, all that power needs some precision. That’s where the Pro Handle comes in handy. This easy-to-attach controller makes your REDMAGIC 3S even more like a portable gaming console. 

Here’s the best games to play with it: 

PUBG Mobile (Free)

It took mobile gaming and elevated it to console-grade levels. Do we really need to introduce PUBG?

While it’s no longer the king of android gaming (keep reading to see who’s on the throne now), it still gets heaps of play in the REDMAGIC office. 



Modern Combat 5 (Free)


Great graphics and high-powered guns are all you need for an epic multiplayer FPS, and Modern Combat 5 has tons of these. 

Create your squad, step into the battlefield and test out various kinds of warfare. Plus, you’re more likely to be the MVP when you play with the Pro Handle



Call of Duty Mobile (Free)

Behold! The new monarch of mobile gaming. 

COD Mobile is fast paced, spontaneous and intuitive and with a huge range of controls (primary and secondary guns, ancillary drone support, special weapons and grenades) all arranged neatly. Basically, it’s everything we loved about the PC/console version but with the compactness of mobile. 



Terraria (Premium)


Like Call of Duty, Terraria is another PC/console-to-mobile-game done right. In fact, it’s the full version of the original game built from the ground up. 

Go explore, craft and fight. While this 2D adventure game may look simple, it’s incredibly dynamic and full of depth. 

Play it on the REDMAGIC 3S with a Pro Handle and have the world of Terraria in your hands. 


Goat Simulator (Premium)

Before Untitled Goose Game, there was Goat Simulator. 

This game is all about being a goat and causing as much mayhem as possible. Wreck stuff, cause public disturbances or even crash out with glitches. It’s the one game where bugs make it more fun. 



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