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What the Pros Think About the REDMAGIC PC Gaming Line

What the Pros Think About the REDMAGIC PC Gaming Line


The release of the REDMAGIC PC Gaming Line has been the highlight of our year and a significant milestone in the five years of REDMAGIC innovation. The REDMAGIC Gaming Monitor, Mechanical Keyboard, and Gaming Mouse were created to help the gamer perfect their art with absolute precision while maintaining a stunning aesthetic that completes any game room. 


The gear has been in the market for a few weeks now, enough time to reach the hands of real reviewers and gamers, and it’s heartwarming to witness how the youngest members of the REDMAGIC family are being received into the world. We’ve completed a brief round-up of reviews and ratings from trusted sources to give you a feel of what to expect when playing your favorite PC or console games on the REDMAGIC PC Gaming line.


REDMAGIC Gaming Monitor

REDMAGIC 4K Gaming Monitor

Experience Gaming like never before on the stunning 27-inch REDMAGIC Gaming Monitor. It delivers an electrifying 160 Hz refresh rate to ensure a flawless display of your favorite games in real time. Whether you’re immersed in the PC gaming universe, conquering battles on your PlayStation, or unleashing the full potential of your REDMAGIC 8 Pro, this monitor is the ultimate companion.   

Gaming Monitor Reviews


Harish of Windows Central began his review of the REDMAGIC Gaming Monitor by highlighting that it ticks all the right boxes. The most notable features for the reviewers at Windows Central were the monitor’s excellent contrast and brightness levels, accurate color displays, and the overall quality of the monitor’s body. They gave the REDMAGIC Gaming Monitor a rating of 4,5 stars out of 5. 


The ETA Prime YouTube channel also shared these sentiments, stating that the 4K MiniLED monitor is amazing and is an absolute must-have for its game-centric features, and the beautiful minimal design. The review website noted that gamers would especially appreciate the Moving Picture Response Time (MPRT) offered by the REDMAGIC Gaming Monitor because it produces smooth gameplay with no stuttering or staggering, which is especially useful in fast-paced games.


REDMAGIC Mechanical Keyboard

REDMAGIC Mechanical Keyboard

The REDMAGIC Mechanical Keyboard is meticulously crafted to deliver the most immersive and satisfying keyboard clicks for typing, and especially gaming. The innovative sound-canceling gasket structure ensures that the silent nature of the keyboard does not compromise the tactile feedback that every gamer needs to be victorious. 


Mechanical Keyboard Reviews


Jowi Morales of Make Use Of highlighted the keyboard’s premium and excellent feel, noting that the “thick and thocky” sound of the clicks is just what you’d expect from a keyboard of this standard, as opposed to a “click-clack” sound. Jowi reports that the REDMAGIC Mechanical Keyboard does not fail to deliver a premium experience. Make Use Of Gave the keyboard an overall rating of 4,5 out of 5 stars. believes that “Gaming Just Got Easier” with the REDMAGIC Mechanical Keyboard, a statement they’re prepared to put on their headline. The reviewer, James, says that the typing experience is excellent for any self-respecting gamer and that the keyboard is a pleasure to write on.


REDMAGIC Gaming Mouse

REDMAGIC Gaming Mouse

Designed to meet your gaming needs of precision, speed, and endurance, the REDMAGIC Gaming Mouse is a sleek and transparent marvel that exceeds all expectations. The 450 mAh battery gives you nearly 100 hours of uninterrupted gaming between charges, and the mouse delivers unrivaled precision and accurate strikes thanks to the PixArt3395 Sensor. Prepare to elevate your gaming experience. 


Gaming Mouse Reviews


Jowi of the Make Use Of team had the pleasure of reviewing both the keyboard and the REDMAGIC Gaming Mouse, and he says that the premium feeling of the REDMAGIC Mechanical Keyboard extends to the mouse. The mouse was rated out of 10, receiving a total score of 7.5 for its high-performance delivery.


J.Force Gaming on YouTube, who also reviewed both the keyboard and the mouse, took note of the exceptionally lightweight feeling of the mouse. He also mentions that the sensor is powerful enough to deliver accurate strikes regardless of the surface you’re gaming on, which is critical for when you run out of room on the mouse pad. 


One Giant Leap for Game-kind


Our venture into the world of PC gaming is just the first step to delivering an exceptional gaming experience for gamers of all kinds, and it appears as though we’re on the right path. The number of people who joined us for the REDMAGIC 5th Anniversary Live Event is a testament to the overwhelming support that drives us to create more. Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the last half-decade, and here’s to many more years.