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What is the new REDMAGIC XP Shop?

Curious about what all this excitement is about this Mystery Coupon? Well don’t worry, we’ll reveal all on June 19th! But first, how about we explain how you can get REDMAGIC  XP and use them to redeem for cool prizes through the REDMAGIC XP Shop

Collecting XP is easy. Just complete the actions listed on the REDMAGIC  XP Shop page and watch them roll in. Then once you have enough points, just redeem a coupon you want to use and SAVE. Easy, just like that. So if you’re totally new, just click this link here. Once at the REDMAGIC XP Shop, just make an account here on the website if you don’t have one already, and then start hitting those “Unlock” buttons to go to our Social Media platforms and joining our RedMagic Newsletter and your points will be awarded automatically.

Don’t have enough points for the coupon you want?
No worries, we’ll be sharing more ways to earn points as time goes on. So just stay tuned and keep an eye out for those easy points to nab up so you can redeem a higher coupon.

What about the REDMAGIC 6R and the Mystery Coupon?
Stay tuned as we share more news about this exciting new phone that is going to truly enhance your day-to-day. On June 19th we will reveal all about the Mystery Coupon, so be sure to check it out!