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Unboxing Lab: Update on votes

Thank you for taking part in our Unboxing Lab. The response has been unbelievable so far.


Unbelievable because we didn’t expect so many players. And unbelievable because some vote tallies raised a few eyebrows on our team — but not in the best way.   


During a review of the campaign, we noticed that some participants had exploited a blindspot in the voting process and created scores of fake votes for themselves. (Boo!)


This goes against the community spirit of the Unboxing Lab. And as a team of true gamers, we take a zero-tolerance attitude towards cheating.


So without delay, we’ve taken steps to identify and delete these fraudulent votes. As a result, you might have seen a dip in votes for some participants.


For the majority of you who have played fair, fear not. The web team has added extra measures to prevent vote manipulation from this point onward.


Thank you for playing by the rules. Good luck!