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The Pros Are Mobilizing For The REDMAGIC CODM Clash!

For your viewing enjoyment, six teams of four professional Call of Duty: Mobile players are going to be going head-to-head in REDMAGIC’s Call of Duty: Mobile Clash tournament! Captained by 6 professional COD: Mobile streamers, these 6 teams will be duking it out over the course of 3 days to find out which team is the best. It will be a winner take all event with the winning team taking home a $4,000 cash prize + 3 REDMAGIC 6R smartphones! 

Don’t worry, we didn't forget about you guys! To make it more exciting, REDMAGIC will be running a giveaway just for the viewers. Starting on Feb 22nd at 2 PM EST, viewers will be able to vote on which team they think will win the tournament. The viewers that vote correctly for the winning team will be entered into a lottery to win one of three REDMAGIC 7 gaming smartphones.

The Team Captains

1st Captain - Jokesta (#TEAMJOKESTA)

2nd Captain - Ducky The Gamer (#TEAMDUCKY)

3rd Captain - Noah (#TEAMNOAH)

4th Captain - dHitman (#TEAMDHITMAN)

5th Captain - Aerith (#TEAMAERITH)

6th Captain - Parka (#TEAMPARKA)

Casters: BobbyPlaysDeinomine

Draft Day

On February 22nd at 1 PM EST, we will be introduced to the pros playing in the REDMAGIC CODM Clash and the draft will begin! The 6 team captains will pick their dream team of Call of Duty: Mobile pros. After the draft at 2 PM EST, viewers can then place their votes on which team will come out on top. The draft will be held on Caster BobbyPlays’ YouTube and Trovo.

After the draft, these teams of pros will only have two weeks to practice their tactics to prepare for the three day REDMAGIC CODM Clash event.

Game Days

Catch the streams live on BobbyPlays’ YouTube and Trovo from March 4th to March 6th, the tournament games will be streamed live. Each game will be live-streamed starting at 1 PM EST.