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Speed Through Your Day With A New REDMAGIC 6R

Ready to take your day-to-day smartphone further than it has ever gone before? Today’s your lucky day then because the all-new REDMAGIC 6R is now available for order and at the awesome low starting price of just $499!


That price tag by itself might look good, but it truly is one of the best deals for a smartphone this year. Why you may ask? It’s because the REDMAGIC 6R is packed to the gills in powerful flagship specs like the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 888, a 144Hz screen, and it is all yours for an awesome starting price of just $499.

Surprisingly affordable considering it still packs in Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 chipset.” - Tech Spurt

If that deal for a great bang for your buck wasn’t enough for you, we aso alsofilled the REDMAGIC 6R with some classic REDMAGIC gaming tech like 400Hz shoulder triggers and Game Space. This way you can tweak the performance of any game to your heart's content and play it as comfortably as you would on a console. And all of this is packed into an ultra-thin 7.8mm of smartphone.

This is a gaming phone so there are heavy-duty impressive specs in here. It’s impressive that nubia managed to craft a device this thin and light.” - Ben’s Gadget Reviews


Don’t forget to redeem the REDMAGIC 6R coupon from the REDMAGIC XP Shop to save even more on this awesome phone. Haven’t saved up any XP yet? No worries, you can still get enough XP and redeem the coupon at any time until June 29th.

So, what are you waiting for? Order your REDMAGIC 6R today so you can enjoy one of the most versatile smartphones yet.