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We Made The REDMAGIC 6R To Enhance Your Day

For most people your average, brand new smartphone is enough. But sometimes it’s nice to play a game or two as well and we all know that playing a game on your average smartphone is often fairly awkward thanks to the controls or limitations of the phone. Fixing that is one of the main reasons that we made the REDMAGIC 6R. We’ve given your average, day-to-day smartphone a gaming phone touch and beefed it up to flagship levels of power and speed, and we did it at an awesome price too.


We made the REDMAGIC 6R sleek and lightweight so that it would fit comfortably anywhere physically and visually. The first step in being a great day-to-day phone is to be comfortable using it all the time after all. But that isn’t all there is for the REDMAGIC 6R, with its awesomely powerful flagship gaming specs, it can easily do any task you would need and then some. Need to do some quick work while on the road like downloading a PowerPoint and tweaking it and then uploading it back to the cloud? Easy. Still want to play a pick-up match of PUBG or COD? Also easy. How is all this so easy you may be wondering? Those flagship gaming specs we mentioned earlier. Let’s take a moment to look at those.


Inside the REDMAGIC 6R you have the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, which is also 5G capable for the best data connection. That kind of power and data connection gives you everything you need to keep up with any task you need to do on the phone. As for why gaming is so easy, the Snapdragon helps with that too but the REDMAGIC 6R also comes with a 144Hz screen, built-in shoulder triggers, and other gaming-specific features such as Game Space. This combination of power and special features not only allows you to play nearly any game available on the REDMAGIC 6R, but to also play it comfortably. If all that wasn’t enough to make this new smartphone an easy choice to get, then wait till you hear the best part.


The REDMAGIC 6R is easily one of the best bang for your buck choices of smartphones this year, starting at just a whopping $499 and on June 24th, you can be one of the first to order yours. For more information on the REDMAGIC 6R, check out its product page to see all of its cool features and specs!