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REDMAGIC Mora Wallpaper Collection

REDMAGIC Mora Wallpaper Collection

REDMAGIC Mora Wallpaper Collection

We know that all of you love Mora, our mascot for REDMAGIC, we don’t blame you, we think she’s pretty cool too. In fact, we’ve teamed up with 8 awesome artists to make some Mora wallpapers for you all to enjoy. Yes, we’re awesome, you’re welcome. 

And now


Meet The Artists


I’m ChrissaBug! I am a game artist and animator by day and an Illustrator and Twitch Streamer by night. My favorite genre to draw is fantasy. When I’m not painting you can find me with my nose in a book cuddled up with my cats!

REDMAGIC Mora Wallpaper Collection - chrissabug

Their drawing of Mora


Hello, I'm EllieMapleFox, a freelance illustrator based in the Philippines. I'm known for the sP-Ce! and vast emotional pieces and the sketchy yet refined linework.

REDMAGIC Mora Wallpaper Collection - elliemaplefox

Their drawing of Mora


I’m an Illustrator based in the US who creates art inspired by video games, anime and pop culture! When i’m not working on projects or creating print illustrations, you can find me drawing and chatting and playing games on her Twitch stream!

REDMAGIC Mora Wallpaper Collection - Syertse

Their drawing of Mora


Hi, I'm Roro ! I am a French freelance artist that really enjoys working with colors and expressions.

REDMAGIC Mora Wallpaper Collection - Rorokonaa

Their drawing of Mora


Hello! It's Asashi ,I am a 19 year old self taught anime artist. Follow me on Instagram if you want to see my work!

REDMAGIC Mora Wallpaper Collection - Asashi_draws

Their drawing of Mora


I’m Bruno, aka Brunograffer, an illustrator and painter. I come from Haute-Savoie, in France.

My artistic style is very colorful, explosive and happy. I like to represent who I am: a guy with an everyday smile on his face and a very social person.

REDMAGIC Mora Wallpaper Collection - Brunograffer

Their drawing of Mora


I am Tim Draw, I am 16 years old and I live in France. I am a self-taught artist and passionate about manga drawing. I've been drawing since I was 10 years old and I've been sharing my artistic passion on social networks for more than 2 years now!

REDMAGIC Mora Wallpaper Collection - Timdrawsensei

Their drawing of Mora


My name is Alex but I go by Toshia on my social media. I am a self-taught illustrator and have loved drawing since I can remember. I view art as a pathway to a more exceptional world where your imagination is the only limit. I am grateful that I can do what makes me happy and share my excitement with people around the world through art!

REDMAGIC Mora Wallpaper Collection - Toshiasan

Their drawing of Mora

Big thank you all of these amazing artists. They are truly very talented and it was awesome to see them work their individual magic and bring Mora to life. We hope all of you REDMAGIC fans also enjoy them. Feel free to download and use the wallpapers to your heart’s content!