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REDMAGIC 7 Series Weekend Sale

REDMAGIC 7 Series Weekend Sale

REDMAGIC 7 Series Weekend Sale

Sometimes when there’s a new release in the tech world, it’s good to get used to the idea of waiting a few months for the price to drop because there will most likely be another release that’ll cause something like that to happen. The REDMAGIC 7 series still has some of the fastest gaming smartphones in the industry, and if you know anything about mobile gaming, you’ll know that it’s a phone that’s definitely worth the wait. It’s iconically one of the first gaming smartphones to use the powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.


Well, folks, the time has come to get your hands on your favorite REDMAGIC 7 at reduced prices, but only for a limited time. Every weekend starting March 10th until May 28th, a limited number of REDMAGIC 7, 7 Pro, and 7S Pro will be sold with a special discount code.


Still One of the Best in the Game


The REDMAGIC 7 is available in the iconic transparent design Supernova, the galactic-inspired multicolor Pulsar, and the solid black and red design Obsidian offering you a range of colors to choose from. It’s built with a screen that has an ultra-rapid refresh rate of 165 Hz and a 720 Hz multi-finger touch sampling rate that lets you fast-forward your way to victory in every game. It features a dual-cell 4500 mAh battery that lasts for the entire day, even after a few hours of gaming with the screen set to the peak refresh rate of 165 Hz, according to the review conducted by Mike Sorrentino of CNET.

REDMAGIC 7 Gaming Smartphone


Tom’s Guide contributor Jordan Palmer reckons that the REDMAGIC 7 Pro has got “all of the gamer aesthetic you could want, from an RGB fan to sharp accents and fonts”  It’s available in a stylish transparent Supernova design and a black Obsidian design that has red detailing. Both phones have a matte finish around the border that gives you a firm hold over the device, according to a review on GSM choice. REDMAGIC 7 Pro has a powerful 960 Hz multi-finger touch sampling rate, plus an ICE 9.0 multi-dimensional cooling system that prevents it from overheating during intense gaming sessions. It’s one of the first smartphones to offer a true full-screen, notch-less gaming experience by making use of Under Display Camera (UDC) technology for undisturbed views of the screen.

REDMAGIC 7 Pro Gaming Smartphone


REDMAGIC 7S Pro utilizes an even stronger Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset, making it the most powerful member of the REDMAGIC 7 series. In fact, the tech review channel PhoneBuff, argues that it may be “the most powerful Android phone on the planet” in a video they posted in August 2022. It’s available in a transparent silver design known as Mercury, a black transparent design named Supernova, and an elegant Obsidian design that’s inspired by the aesthetic of volcanic glass. The 5000 mAH dual-cell battery and a cooler ICE 10.0 multi-dimensional cooling system provide hours of gaming and take the experience to a whole new level. 

REDMAGIC 7S Pro Gaming Smartphone


Flash Sale Set Up


As mentioned before, the flash sale will take place every weekend for the next few weeks. Everyone who makes a purchase using the unique flash sale discount code will stand the chance to earn a 10% discount on their next purchase. The amount of stock available will constantly be decreasing, so it’s best to grab the offer while stocks last.


Which One Will You Get? 


If you’ve had your eyes on the REDMAGIC 7 series, waiting for the perfect opportunity to buy it, then here’s your chance to get yourself one of the best gaming smartphones in the industry. Regardless of the device you choose, you really can’t go wrong with this series. Head over to our online store to browse through your options before stock runs out.