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REDMAGIC 5G V316/V413 Update

REDMAGIC 5G Updates to V316/V413  


Hey REDMAGIC fans, as per our desire to always give our users the best possible mobile experience, the REDMAGIC 5G is now updated to the following versions;

North America Version: V316
Europe Version: V413

This update will occur automatically but you can always check to see if your device is running on the most recent version by going to Settings and then System Update. Your device will automatically attempt to update and then tell you if you have the latest version or not.

For details on what the recent update entails, please read the patch notes provided below.

Patch Notes:


Google security patch updated

Optimized fluency and stability


Blacklist function added

"Unknown Number" caller ID issue has been fixed in some areas


Fixed an issue where the App launcher icon doesn't show up


Added Google "Battery Usage" display function

Added Google "Printing" function


Added the "Quick Start" camera function under Google's lock screen

Lock Screen now is optimized with Google Interactive

The optimized content of this update includes but is not limited to the items listed above

Should your REDMAGIC 5G not automatically update to the most recent version, you can follow the links below to download the correct, latest version.

North America Version: V316

(Can be manually downloaded here:

Europe Version: V413

(Can be manually downloaded here:

NOTE: Please check whether your device is already up to date before attempting to manually update.