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REDMAGIC Open Sale Campaign

Hey guys,

We’re opening our store on August 15 10:00AM CEST, and we need your help. Best of all, we’ll make it worth your while with a chance to get up to 25% off gear and accessories*.

To get everyone excited, the team is launching a countdown campaign. This is where you come in: We need you to help spread the word. In return for your support, you’ll get rewarded with special offers.

Here’s what we have in mind: the more people sign up to before our store opens, the higher discount we’ll offer to all participants. So all you have to do is sign up, share a link to our campaign page and get other people to register.

As for the discount, if we get 1,000 people sign up, all participants get 10% off. But if we get 3,000 sign-ups, then you all get 25%. Remember, it’s a team effort!

Are you game? Head to the campaign page now: [link]

Happy sharing!