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Red Halloween Winners List

Thank you, everyone that took part in our Red Halloween events, it was a blast! We’re still in shock at how easily everyone beat our score on the filter game. If you see your name on this list, keep an eye out for an email from us as we contact our winners. 

Remember, these coupon codes are only valid for 10 days, they will expire on November 13th, so be sure to use them quickly before their gone!

Our lucky REDMAGIC 5S winners

Aaron Cook

Tyler Vasquez

Our lucky $20 coupon winners

Christian Camaton

Ed Rist

Matias Felipe Ravanal

Jonathan Allen

Ryuta Kitaura

Daniel Orcutt

Ali Kanji

Kuro YT


joeff caraos

Sonia girona

Radim Böhm

Lemmens Mark

Troy Cownie

Mikhail Vladimirovich Krivoshchekov


Pedro Cardoso

Jhon Cuadros

Alessio Bassetti

Michael DeFren

marcos aran calvo

Gábor Géczy

Fabrizzio Calderón Eufracio

Jonah Mirasol

Cormac Robinson

Pierre Leclerc

juan alfonso martinez rodriguez

Arnoldas Karpavicius

Josué Rafael Sampaio Macedo


Marc-Andre Brochu

Pierre Hanouch



Kayla Robison

Дмитрий Плешаков

Esco Garcia

Romano Cirke

Chan Chan Garcia

Jakub Maksymowicz

Maribel Prendes

Jerson Fabian Sosa Lozada

nicolas bello

Joey Eway Marqueda

Shellie Clark

Jonathan Allen

Maria Bayon

Karl Foers

Brian Bidegain

Jaime Molino Garcia