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Pro Vision Gaming Is Almost Here - REDMAGIC 7 Pro

To announce the upcoming arrival of our newest gaming smartphone, the REDMAGIC 7 Pro, we are inviting everyone to take part in our early bird activity. Not only will you have a chance to save some on this awesome new gaming smartphone, but a couple of you might even get one for free. Got your attention there with that? I bet I do, let me tell you what you need to do.

REDMAGIC 7 Pro Launch

Joining The Early Bird Event

Signing up is easy, just go to our event page and for €1.99 you can purchase a €30 off voucher for the upcoming REDMAGIC 7 Pro. When the REDMAGIC 7 Pro is available for purchase, you can easily use this voucher at the checkout window. How do you get your voucher code? When you make your €1.99 purchase, we will email you your €30 off voucher code. 


What About The Prizes?

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the prizes. On our Early Bird event page, we will be running a gleam giveaway event. With a valid email address, sign up to participate in the Gleam and then complete all of the listed actions. Once you have completed all of the actions, you will then be eligible to be one of the randomly selected winners to win an awesome prize. What are the possible prizes? Let’s take a look.

- 1st place prize = 2 individuals will get a REDMAGIC 7 Pro gaming smartphone (16GB RAM + 516GB Storage, Supernova).

- 2nd place prize = 5 individuals will get a 50% off voucher for the REDMAGIC 7 Pro gaming smartphone (16GB RAM + 256GB Storage, Obsidian) that will be valid for two weeks after the REDMAGIC 7 Pro is available for purchase.

- 3rd place prize = 10 individuals will get a €50 off voucher for the REDMAGIC 7 Pro gaming smartphone (16GB RAM + 512GB Storage, Supernova) that will be valid for two weeks after the REDMAGIC 7 Pro is available for purchase.


So are you excited yet? Are you ready to test your luck and see if you could be one of the lucky winners? Then head on over already and try your luck!